Rheninghaus Slicers

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A strong yet innovative tradition

Original projects based on their vast experience, designed with creativeness and with customers' feedback and requirements in mind.

A solution for every need

Rheninghaus professional slicers are designed to meet the widest range of cutting needs. The range includes models suited to the limited spaces of coffee bars, belt or gear versions, different solutions for specific products (bread, cheese, fish and frozen products), precision slicers for premium quality cold-cuts, high resistance to humidity and others. These pages will help you to choose the machine that best suits your needs.

Rheninghaus Slicers

Sturdy and high performing workmates

 Powerful motors designed for continuous use;
 premium quality Italian blades;
 stainless steel ball bearings for the blade pulley;
 electric parts resistant to humidity and insects;
 precision mechanical machining; and
 a one year warranty.

Uncompromised safety

All Rheninghaus slicing machines have a CE marking in compliance with European Standard EN 1974 and therefore guarantee the utmost safety. Our ergonomic and practical cleaning solutions are specifically designed to simplify cleaning and prevent all possible risks.

Hygiene: an effective pit-stop

Compliance with the international CE and NSF Standards that illustrates the innovative solutions they have developed to simplify cleaning and reduce potential risks. The SBR system is ideal to save money and time. All Rheninghaus machines are supplied with a bottle of FAST CLEANER, a detergent/ sanitizer specifically designed for slicing machines.

Different Styles available

Gravity Slicers: the blade inclination at 45% (Super Start 350) results in a greater feeding thurst of the product. The 30% inclination (on all other models) gives a better visibility of the slice exit area.

Belt drive: life of the Multygrip belts is remarkable; belt life is further enhanced in the SBR models.

Gear drive: this practically has an unlimited life.

Automatic slicers: the second motor drives the product-holder carriage; the operator has his hands free for slice collection.

Meat Cuts Slicers: vertical slicer with special product-holder for fresh meat cutting; high production outputs and consistant cut thickness are obtainable also by non experienced operators.

Cold Cuts Slicers: ideal machine to cut Parma hams, Mortadelle and high quality deli processed-meats.

Cheese Slicers: with teflon coating.

Different Models

Light Duty Slicers

Models SSR220, SSR250 & SSR300 are all belt-driven gravity manual slicers. Precision compact slicer: the best quality in a small size. It can work all day long.

Use: ideal for coffee shops, country clubs and small restaurants. Not suited for supermarkets and professional kitchens.

Heavy Duty Slicers

Belt-driven gravity manual slicers. Powerful slicer with great quality/price ratio, handy and sturdy machine. The best-seller all over the world.

Use: restaurants, supermarkets.

Cheese Slicers

Belt-driven gravity manual slicers. The gauge plate, blade and blade cover are teflon coated and therefore prevent cheese sticking and consequent blade braking during cutting operation. Teflon coated surfaces make cleaning a pleasure.

Use: ideal to avoid cross contamination of dairy and meat products. For shops, supermarkets, catering companies, restaurants.

Gear Driven Slicers

Gear-driven manual gravity slicers. Powerful slicer, ideal for any use. The right choice for a long-term investment. The SBR model is equipped with the unique system that allows to rapidly and safely remove the blade during cleaning of the unit.

Use: shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, large size kitchens and catering companies with high volume work-loads.

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