Restaurants rethink marketing

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Restaurants rethink marketing

Facebook remains king

34% of restaurant operators and owners have a dedicated employee whose full-time job is to market the restaurant through ads, promotions and social media and more, according to Toast's 2019 Restaurant Success Report.

Conversely, 12% of 1,253 restaurant professionals surveyed said that they don't market their brand on social media at all.

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Hidden costs Original story and image on

Hidden costs

That restaurants pass on to customers using food delivery apps.

If you order the pale ale battered flathead and a side of chips from one Sydney restaurant, you can expect to pay $32 whether you eat the product in-store or pick it up.

Using Deliveroo, Menulog or Uber Eats to order the exact same meal from the exact same restaurant will see you paying an additional 17 per cent surcharge – a cost supplementary to the $5 delivery fee paid when using food delivery services.

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Is TikTok the new marketing hype?

The main difference that TikTok offers is authenticity; people usually appear on the application as they are without heavy makeup or photo-shopped images like Instagram users.

In the United States, the brands have already began utilizing the platform. Chipotle is kicking off its second TikTok “challenge” of the year. The company wants consumers to dance for free guacamole from now until National Avocado Day on July 31 by posting videos of themselves dancing on the short-form video app under the hashtag #GuacDance.

The chain was the first restaurant to partner with TikTok in the U.S. earlier this past spring, which led to Chipotle’s highest digital sales day, according to Digiday.

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Why starting a restaurant in Sydney is so expensive Original story and image on

Why starting a restaurant in Sydney is so expensive

Opening a restaurant in Sydney requires about half a million dollars in building and fit-out and the ability to swallow six months of operational losses, industry insiders say.

But just like home renovators, most restaurateurs both underestimate the costs of a fit-out and overspend, leaving them saddled with debt before they even start.

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