Resilience in Hospitality

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Tips to Survive a COVID world.

This week's fresh serve of tips from around the globe to help the Catering and Restaurant Industry survive a COVID world.

Keep up-to-date with the latest in Catering Equipment & Restaurant Equipment, Food Trends & Business Tips from around the web.

5 Steps to Build COVID-19 Resilience in Hospitality

Effectively manage your risk by following these 5 proven steps

The Australian pandemic story is far from over, and the hospitality industry is particularly susceptible to the waves of re-opening and closing as the numbers of infected rise and fall.

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Industry embraces JobKeeper extension security Original story and image on

Industry embraces JobKeeper extension security

Sentiments across the hotel sector, along with hospitality and tourism at its widest, have been buoyed in the short term with the news the Federal Government will modify, but extend its JobKeeper wage subsidy until March 2021.

The multi-billion dollar scheme has largely stymied a human resources catastrophe across the sector but will be reduced from its current $1,500 per fortnight to $1,200 from October through December and then to $1,000 for the final three months of its life. The reasoning behind the move is the hopeful expectation that Australia has the COVID-19 pandemic under control to the point where state borders can be fully relaxed and consideration can go into reopening Australia to foreign holidaymakers.

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Privacy concerns

Coronavirus: Privacy concerns over contact tracing of personal details in public venues.

Serious concerns have been raised over the safety of Australians' personal information and the risk of it being compromised by COVID-19 record-keeping requirements imposed by law on businesses.

As states look to slowly ease coronavirus restrictions, venues such as cafes, bars and restaurants have been ordered by public health authorities to log the details of patrons who enter for contact tracing purposes.

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Reimagining restaurants for the next normal Original story and image on

Reimagining restaurants for the next normal

To win in the next normal, European restaurants will need to embrace innovation in their channel strategy, menu offerings, and business model.

Six months into the COVID-19 crisis, European restaurants are reopening amid challenging conditions such as infection waves, mandated reductions in seating capacity, and consumer safety concerns.

One thing is certain—the market will not go back to how it was before the pandemic.

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