Reinventing Health and Aged Care Dining with Unox EVEREO Hot Fridge and Multiday Hot Vacuum

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Reinventing Health and Aged Care Dining with Unox EVEREO Hot Fridge and Multiday Hot Vacuum

Reinventing Health and Aged Care Dining with Unox EVEREO Hot Fridge and Multiday Hot Vacuum

In the ever-evolving landscape of the health and aged care sectors, it becomes imperative to intertwine innovation and efficiency while preserving the nutritive essence of meals served. 

The Unox EVEREO Hot Fridge and Multiday Hot Vacuum emerge as the triumphant solution, offering a revolutionised approach to food preservation and service that meets the unique demands of aged care and health care facilities. Here, we unravel the rich tapestry of benefits that align perfectly with the needs and preferences of your demographic.

Setting a New Benchmark in Aged Care and Health Care with Unox EVEREO

Global Recognition and Trust: Unox EVEREO has proudly earned global certification from HACCP International, underscoring its commitment to maintaining the highest food safety and quality standards. The precision and stability in temperature control that EVEREO brings to your kitchen ensure compliance with international standards, building trust and reliability.

All-Day Dining with Unox EVEREO: A Freedom to Choose

Empowering Residents with Choices: Empower the residents in your care facility with the luxury of choice and flexibility. EVEREO facilitates a multi-choice menu option, enabling residents to dine anytime, enhancing their autonomy and satisfaction levels.

Nutrient-Rich Meals, Every Time with Unox EVEREO and Multiday Hot Vacuum

Preservation of Micronutrients: Thanks to the innovative Cook, Preserve, Serve technology, EVEREO and Multiday Hot Vacuum retain up to 30% more micronutrients in every meal, ensuring residents receive hot, nutritious meals that fuel their well-being. Sustain the health of your residents with meals that are as nourishing as they are delicious.

Navigate Staffing Challenges with Ease Using Unox EVEREO

Revolutionising Kitchen Operations: In a climate where sourcing staff remains a perennial challenge, EVEREO presents a futuristic solution. Allowing you to prepare fresh, delicious meals well in advance and preserve them until service time bestows unprecedented control over kitchen labour force dynamics. It's not just a solution but a strategy to enhance operational efficiency and reduce labour costs.

Elevate Your Culinary Endeavours with EVEREO®

By harnessing the ingenious combination of precise temperature and atmospheric control, EVEREO® brings to your business an unmatchable advantage — preserving cooked food at service temperature for days. This distinctive attribute promises freshness and opens a new horizon of gastronomic possibilities for Commercial Kitchen.

Cooking at Your Pace, Serving at Theirs

Imagine a world where you dictate the rhythm of your kitchen. With EVEREO®, that world becomes a reality. Strategically cook your menu at the most convenient times and preserve it perfectly, ready to be served momentarily, increasing efficiency and reducing waiting times to virtually zero.

A Symphony of Flavours, Ready When You Are

The slow cooking process allowed by EVEREO® ensures your dishes retain the rich flavours and tender textures often lost in rapid cooking techniques. It empowers chefs to craft meals embodying a symphony of flavours, always ready to be served, evoking an emotional connection with every bite your customers take.

Ready for a nutritional overhaul? Get ahead in the healthcare sector with Unox EVEREO's Hot Fridge.

A Revolution in the Kitchen: The Unox EVEREO® Hot Fridge

Imagine a kitchen that marries tomorrow's innovation with the timeless taste of slow-cooked meals. Technology and tradition dance in this place in a harmonious ballet, paving the way for an unparalleled dining experience. Welcome to the era of the EVEREO® Hot Fridge, the first-ever hot refrigerator that redefines the boundaries of culinary excellence..

The Dawn of a New Era: Experience EVEREO®'s Revolutionary Service Temperature Food Preservation

A Unique Concept

Aptly coined the hot fridge, EVEREO®'s groundbreaking technology allows it to preserve cooked food at the service temperature for days, using a blend of accurate temperature and controlled atmosphere. Say goodbye to the compromise between time and quality and embrace the satisfaction of serving slow-cooked, traditional meals at a moment's notice.

EVEREO®'s Three Working Modes: A Trio of Convenience and Quality at Your Fingertips

Cook and preserve for up to 72 hours - MULTI.Day

Combined with MULTI.Day BAGS and MULTI.Day TRAYS, EVEREO®  allows you to Preserve cooked food at Service Temperature for up to 72 hours. Cook your dishes as you have always done and, following the advice of our chefs, preserve them in EVEREO®, so you will be able to serve them as soon as they are ordered, with zero waiting time for your customers and a boost for your profits!

Hold up to 8 hours - Superholding

Preserve your dishes in EVEREO® ready to be served using unsealed or open containers or trays. EVEREO®'s extremely accurate temperature and humidity management allows to keep your food impeccable for up to 4 times longer than traditional holding cabinets.

Preserve without cooking for up to 72 hours - Meal me

The revolution is now: if you own EVEREO® and MEAL ME you can add from the ecommerce great products to your menu, without having to cook them. Keep your meals always ready to be served!

Unrivaled Flexibility: 

Adapt to the demands of your business seamlessly with three distinctive working modes. Whether holding food for extended periods with unmatched preservation times, capitalising on service temperature food preservation technology, or using various features simultaneously for heightened flexibility, EVEREO® moulds to fit your unique needs.

Preserving the Essence of Food with EVEREO®: A Triumph in Culinary Technology

Quality Like Never Before: EVEREO® ensures a consistent organoleptic quality, preserving the food's nutritional value and cellular structure, promising a uniform temperature that safeguards the originality from the kitchen to the dining table. Your culinary creations maintain their utmost quality, a testament to your commitment to excellence.

Sculpt Your Success Story with EVEREO®: Bringing Unparalleled Benefits to Your Kitchen

Empowering Businesses: Beyond the meticulous preservation of food, EVEREO®'s technology is a forerunner in energy conservation, utilising modern insulation techniques to substantially reduce energy consumption compared to a traditional freezer. Moreover, the multiday feature enables preservation for up to 72 hours, fueling an efficiency conducive to enhanced profit margins.

The Kitchenless Restaurant: A Reality with EVEREO®

Redefining Spaces: Facilitate centralised or outsourced kitchen operations with EVEREO®, breaking barriers and enabling your business to flourish even in spaces where a kitchen seems impossible. It is not just a step towards economic scaling but a leap towards an untapped market of opportunities.

Labor Cost and Food Wastage: A Dual Advantage with EVEREO®

A Sustainable Approach: Adopt a sustainable approach with EVEREO®, where the long preservation times mean zero food wastage, a milestone in the industry that reverberates with the increasing global emphasis on sustainability. Coupled with labour cost savings, EVEREO® turns the dream of a profitable, efficient, and eco-friendly business into a tangible reality.

A Companion for the Modern Restaurateur: EVEREO® & MEAL ME

Expansion Made Easy: Expand your culinary horizon effortlessly with the partnership of EVEREO® and MEAL ME, adding many fantastic products from to your menu without the hassle of preparation, all controlled via a smartphone app, epitomising convenience.

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The Unox EVEREO Hot Fridge and Multiday Hot Vacuum bring a harmony of innovation, efficiency, and nourishment to the aged care and health care sectors. It is more than a product; it is a parade.

Unox EVEREO Hot Fridge

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