Reinforcing Customer Trust

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Tips to Survive a COVID world.

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Influencer Marketing and COVID-19: Can it Reinforce Customer Trust?

Markedly, people are relying on the brands and experiences they're familiar with. And they're going back to those restaurants throughout the pandemic. It's likely they'll do the same in post-lockdown early days.

Restaurants today, as much as anything, aren't trying to conquest competitors anymore. Rather, they're doing everything possible to keep and satisfy already-core guests. They're leaning into that trust factor that's emerged as the No. 1 selling point for so many. It's also traditionally more cost-effective to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one, by five-fold, and budgets are tight.

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10 KEY TIPS on re-opening your restaurant Original story and image on

10 KEY TIPS on re-opening your restaurant post pandemic

It's been difficult for many operators and the only past experience we can use to best understand how to come out of this situation is the learnings from past recessions or economic downturns.

And common sense would tell you that starting a business in hard economic times is a bad idea. As the current situation has caused businesses to close and now needing to re-open, this is no different to starting a new business during hard times. Something one would normally advise against. Overcoming this challenge will truly define the entrepreneurs amongst us.

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Restaurants still bleeding despite reopening

Restaurants Canada survey finds fewer than a third of owners open for dine-in are seeing positive results

Margins are already thin at most restaurants, and adding in the lockdown makes it tough for an owner to keep the business going. A slow re-opening isn't helping them.

Restaurants emerging from the economic lockdown to reopen their dining rooms are struggling to break even, with increased food and staff costs, but far fewer customers, according to a report from a major industry association.

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Indigenous Cooking At The Forefront Original story and image on

Indigenous Cooking At The Forefront

5 Restaurants Putting Indigenous Cooking At The Forefront Of The Conversation

Whether by highlighting indigenous chefs or making use of ingredients cultivated for thousands of years, these establishments are putting the story of native cooking back in the spotlight.

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