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An energy efficient refrigerator can save you hundreds of dollars An energy efficient refrigerator can save you hundreds of dollars

Not good news

The cost of powering your business keeps on rising, with almost no end in sight to increases in power bills. Changing providers may give some temporary relief but my experience is that none of these providers, once you have become their customer, will pass on any additional savings. They only use those to attract new customers.

Do you remember when power bills were sent quarterly? Not any more. With the rising cost of electricity the power companies are too smart for that so they send you your bill monthly so you don't have too big a shock.

And, to be clear, that old fridge in the corner isn't doing you any favours.

It is probably already costing you a fortune in maintenance just to keep running and is responsible for the lions share of your power bill. To make matters even worse the refrigerant it uses is probably on the 'soon to be banned refrigerant gases list'.

The good news

Given the above scenario, it is no longer good enough to just be thinking about buying a new commercial fridge? Your procrastination is costing you a fortune!

An energy efficient refrigerator can save you hundreds of dollars on your power bills every year.

Give yourself a payrise!

Another point to consider is that what you pay for electricity comes out of your profit, the more of that you keep, the more you earn.

Even better news!

Eligible small businesses can get a NSW government rebate for new energy efficient plug-in commercial fridges and freezers.

Previously I have blogged about how buying the correct fridge can actually pay for itself on the savings from your electricity bill and now, with this rebate will be even faster.

You only have to buy the correct fridge.

NSW government rebate for energy efficient refrigeration guidlines

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