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Proud to be a Chef

Proud to be a Chef Original story on

Congratulations to the 32 finalists who have made it into Proud to be a Chef 2018!

The Fonterra Proud to be a Chef program recognises, develops and supports apprentice chefs to become the culinary leaders of tomorrow.

"This experience has inspired me even more than I was before. It has got me thinking about different career opportunities and has given me more confidence,""

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How to motivate front of house staff

How to motivate front of house staff Original story on

Chefs' might be the celebrities of the culinary world, but front of house staff play an undeniably important role communicating a restaurant's offering to diners.

Providing warm, engaging and informative service is so important, the World’s 50 Best Restaurants introduce The Ferrari Trento Art of Hospitality Award in 2016.

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Everyone loves a great recipe!

recipe to abolish no-shows Original story on

How about a recipe to abolish no-shows?

No-shows are an accepted part of life, but the problem with the current booking methods in the restaurant industry is that they cause restaurants to bleed money. As it stands 3% of all bookings end in a no-show – and a big loss in profit.

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The secret tricks hidden inside restaurant menus

The secret tricks hidden inside restaurant menus Original story on

You may not realise it, but the menu probably played a far greater role than you’d credit. Far from being glorified pricelists, restaurant menus are sophisticated marketing tools that can nudge customers towards certain choices. Restaurant menus can even tell us what to think.

Great thought and effort go into creating restaurant menus – and there are some very powerful psychological tricks employed to make you choose.

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