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Easy Plug and Play Turbofan E23M3 Plug & Play Electric Convection Oven

Everything you need to know about a Turbofan E23M3 Electric Convection Oven

With a Turbofan E23M3 Electric Convection Oven it is possible to customise your cooking.

In a modern world of pop-up shops and restaurants, kiosks and food trucks, space is a luxury.

Even if you are short on room, having kitchen equipment that is small in size, yet big on function is imperative for serving up success. The Turbofan E23M3 Electric Convection Oven is the perfect oven to cook delicious eats on the quick, all wrapped up in a shiny, compact package.

Customise your control

Practical and compact, operating the E23M3 is as simple as plugging in, which makes it perfect in a range of cooking applications. Armed with 2.8kW heating capacity and a bi-directional reversing fan, this oven guarantees a high standard of cooking every time, whether you're baking brownies or roasting vegetables. A staple across the Turbofan range, this oven includes Safe-Touch doors with low-emissivity heat-reflective coated glass that limits the amount of warmth on the outside panel, reducing the risk of burns.

Easy plug and play!

Installing the E23M3 is incredibly easy, simply connect the 15A single phase plug to your wall outlet and you're ready to go. The compact size makes it the perfect addition to any commercial kitchen, or can be perfectly placed at the front of a bakery so your customers have a front-row seat. Imagine the smell of freshly baked muffins or toasted ham and cheese croissant lingering in the air while customer lineup for a coffee! Above all, the croissant will remain in its shape, evenly cooked within minutes. Unlike the squashed, flat version of what it once was, having being reheated from a good old sandwich press.

Its all about the experience

Whether you're a fresh cook in a modern kitchen, or a veteran chef set in old ways, the Turbofan 20 series presents three iterations of control for a customised cooking experience. For those who favour a no-frills, no-fuss approach to their ovens, manual control is the way to go. With a 60-minute dial timer and a mechanical thermostat, this iteration allows for a temperature variation between 50° and 260°C using the simple knob settings.

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