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Picture Perfect

Tips for Taking Photos and Instagramming Food

Words are important — the pen is mightier than the sword and all that jazz. On the other hand, there is another saying — a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Can you get more out of a picture in marketing efforts or is it that you need both working in tandem? Either way, words and pictures are an important part of any comprehensive marketing strategy.

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Tips for Taking Photos and Instagramming Food Original story on modernrestaurantmanagement.com

marketing campaigns to promote growth Original story on fastcasual.com

Designing marketing campaigns to promote growth, sustainability

When the word "marketing" pops up, the initial thought is of pushing out the name of a brand or new product or service, but today's marketing is playing a much bigger role for fast casual brands — specifically within the customer experience.

It means being fast, nimble, responsive and pivoting quick when something doesn't work. As a panel discussion revealed at the recent three-day Fast Casual Executive Summit, marketing has become a sophisticated and invaluable tool fast casuals are depending on for growth, sustainability and success.

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Recycle Me

From Piccolo to Paper, there's a New Recycling System For Takeaway Coffee Cups

An Adelaide-based packaging company has come up with an innovative solution to the great takeaway-cup dilemma by designing a recycling system that turns disposable coffee cups into paper.

Detpak, a global producer of sustainable and customisable packaging, has launched the Recycle Me System. It has produced a cup with a detachable inner-plastic lining, which means the paper exterior can be recycled and reborn as paper.

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Recycle Me Original story on broadsheet.com.au

The nips are getting smaller Original story on news.com.au

Cafes jumping on smaller coffee cup bandwagon 'improve taste'

If you feel like your morning coffee is getting smaller and smaller, you might not be losing your mind. Experts have explained why.

Cynical caffeine addicts would have you believe there's a nefarious reason behind the ever-changing sizes of takeaway coffee cups.

But for your average Joe, who just enjoys a "normal" flat white to kick the day off — you may have noticed the average size in some Aussie cafes is becoming smaller and smaller.

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