ORVED Vacuum Bags

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Smooth bags 90 µm - PA/PE 20/70

Ideal for vacuum packaging with chamber machines, Orved smooth bags are produced in two different thikness: 90 micron bags and 140 micron which are even more resistant and therefore ideal for foodstuff with sharp edges, keeping always vacuum’s quality since the bags don’t break.

Orved’s smooth bags are available in different sizes and formats and it is possibile to have them packed in a practical box as well, that keeps hygiene.

Channeled bags - PA/PE 20/80

Ideal for use with Out of Chamber models. In the poliethylene layer of the bags rhomboidal cells are printed due to a mechanical process. They make the air suction easier (with external suction, chamber and family machines).

The industrial process of bags channelling is based on an innovative system that helps to obtain a well-blended thikness by pressing homogeneously on the surface of the bag. This process gives Orved’s bags a very high quality level.

Cooking bags - OPA/PP 15/65

The great potential that derives from vacuum use applied to cooking have driven Orved to produce bags that not only conserve food but allow combined cook with a steam oven as well.

These bags can resist temperature at a maximum 115°C. They have been certified by the Foods Science dept. of Udine University.

Sydney Commercial Kitchens can supply a complete range of Orved vacuum sealer bags. Package quantity is 100 and there is a 10% discount offered for carton buys, which also saves on delivery costs. Carton buys can be made up of mixed bag sizes.

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