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Ready for the Restaurant Rebound?

Think Big. Think Bold. Think Art.

The pandemic hit the restaurant industry hard, but with the news that vaccines are on the horizon, we know better days are ahead. Whether your restaurant is operating under restrictions now or waiting to turn the corner in the coming months, now is a good time to think about what you can do in the meantime to keep customers engaged and coming back.

Here’s something to consider: a splashy event that showcases art. We know … “event” in this day and age can seem out of the question but that’s not necessarily true.

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Ready for the Restaurant Rebound Original story and image on modernrestaurantmanagement.com

3 ways restaurants can leverage customer data for more targeted marketing Original story and image on fastcasual.com

3 ways restaurants can leverage customer data for more targeted marketing

Restaurants have a range of new resources that offer better, more applicable insights into how customers are engaging with brands.

There was a time when a restaurant brand could get away with minimal marketing efforts. A good location and strong word-of-mouth buzz would be enough for some restaurants to thrive for years.

That time is over.

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Feast or famine

How restaurants and grocery stores will evolve in the years ahead

Welcome to 2025. This special podcast series from GeekWire Studios, in partnership with Northern Trust, explores the future of retail, work and more with top leaders in technology and business.

Cashierless checkout. Ghost kitchens. And robotic pizza makers.

In this episode, we are taking a close look at the future of food. We’ll talk to restaurant owners about how they plan to rebound in a post-pandemic world, and hear from innovators who are transforming food production, the supply chain and the modern-day grocery store.

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Feast or famine Original story and image on geekwire.com

Restaurants Adapt to Covid with Virtual Locations and Off-Premise Services Original story and image on franchising.com

Restaurants Adapt to Covid with Virtual Locations and Off-Premise Services

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the rapid growth of restaurant delivery ignited industry chatter about ghost kitchens as brands considered more efficient and cost-effective ways to serve their patrons. Legacy pizza chains have done off-premise right for decades, from proper food preservation to a brand-friendly last-mile experience. In our current reality, the rest of the industry is in a quick rush to catch up and adapt to optimize their brand experience from end to end.

Third-party delivery is still not the way

Restaurant delivery has experienced a massive spike in spending because of Covid-19. Many (or most) operators across the country are sharing their profits — along with their customer data and brand reputation — with third-party delivery platforms. Restaurants, whether a ghost kitchen or not, can benefit from the delivery boom even further by forgoing their partnerships with third parties and implementing native delivery.

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Tips to Survive a COVID world.

Hospitality businesses around the world are having to hit the reset button. While a new year has now ticked over, much of 2020 has remained. Hospitality businesses are still looking for a way forward and with that in mind, at SCK we are scouring the web to discover innovative tactics that are being implemented around the globe to drive business during this pandemic.

These are the articles we found this week which might help the Hospitality Industry survive a COVID world, we hope you find them useful.

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