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The Robot Coupe CL50 The Robot Coupe CL50

Being rugged and efficient sounds like an apt description of the 'Solo Man' from the drink advertisements. However today I am discussing the Robot Coupe CL50.

The Robot Coupe CL50 is a rugged, efficient, easy to clean and offers the widest variety of vegetable cuts.

The CL50 model is in a league of their own and will meet your precise daily needs both easily and effectively.

It is also the most searched for Robot Coupe product on Google with well over 20 searches just last Thursday that resulted in visits to our website.

Robot Coupe CL50 Vegetable Preparation Machine

The CL50 comes in three different models:
The CL50
CL50 Ultra, and the
CL50 Gourmet


These models boast a lever-activated auto restart, making them more user-friendly and optimising throughput.

Easy to Clean

New lid shape eliminating nooks and crannies where food residue could accumulate.


All-metal bowl and lid, and polycarbonate motor unit (stainless steel for the CL 50 Ultra).

Over 50 blades are available

The CL 50 offers you a wide choice of cuts, even for delicate vegetables, delivering impeccably sliced mushrooms and perfectly formed tomato cubes.

Plus, Plus, Plus

Processing Capacity: The CL50 has a large hopper, allowing bulky vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage, to be processed. Up to 250kg of food can be processed per hour, making it ideal for restaurants, institutions and caterers.

Food Hygiene: All parts which come into contact with foodstuffs can easily be removed for cleaning, thus maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

Operator Safety: with built in safety features, such as automatic breaking, means that your staff can use this machine with safety.

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