Nobody is winning

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Doing Rounds of The Kitchen Table

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Nobody is winning

Businesses go cold on food delivery platforms.

The Restaurant & Catering Association's 2019 Industry Benchmarking Report asked its members for the first time to provide feedback on the impact of food delivery platforms on their businesses.

Of the 656 businesses who responded, 53.9% indicated they had experienced an increase in revenue but a decrease in profit. Another 2.8% said they had experienced an increase in profit as well as revenue, while 13.3% indicated no change.

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New industry body to push disability employment Original story and image on

New industry body to push disability employment

A pilot program designed to bring together businesses with an interest in training and employing people with disabilities has launched in Western Australia, backed by the WA Government and Tourism Accommodation Australia.

Created by the Hospitality Disability Network of Western Australia (HDNWA), which itself launched earlier this year, the program will support the introduction of people with disabilities into careers with hospitality businesses throughout the state. The organisation also aims to create a community among employers to share advice on how best to support the introduction of disabled people into various roles throughout venues.

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How to Market to Millennials

The Restaurant Edition

It's almost 2020 and if restaurants still haven't taken a dip in the millennial pool, then now might just be a good time for them to do so. Millennials constitute about 30 percent of the global population. They have taken everything to the restaurants—official meetings, casual meet-ups with friends, family dinners, and so on. Now it only makes sense that they are the ones who must be targeted in order to drive business at a restaurant.

Let's crack the restaurant marketing code to the millennials.

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Marketing Is Still an Art Original story and image on

Marketing Is Still an Art

(and a Science)

Data-driven decision making has been the mantra of most good CEOs and CMOs over the better part of the last decade. They want all marketing decisions to be based on solid data that had previously not been available but is today in high amounts. But, data can be deceiving. It may lead you in one direction, when in fact the right answer may be completely in the opposite direction.

See this marketing case study.

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