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Caring for your Combi No more excuses ... for not keeping your cooking equipment clean.

You probably wouldn't consider buying a car and not arranging to have it cleaned, inside and out, on a regular basis, especially when it is brand new.

So why do so many business owners buy a combi oven and not have a regular cleaning schedule to keep it performing at its best?

Oddly enough both items can cost similar amounts. Yet, if your car stops running you can catch a bus, or a train or get Uber to take you. However if your combi oven stops it almost means that your commercial kitchen stops producing food, given how much you can do with the oven.

Your business is almost dead in the water until the problem is rectified.

How easy is cleaning your combi oven?

One of the most valuable lessons you learn as an apprentice chef is to clean up as you go. This reduces the risks of food contamination but also makes for a better working environment and potentially a higher level of creativity.

The last thing you want to be doing in a busy service time is look through an increasing pile of dirty pots, pans or cutting boards for the item you desperately need.

Why does routine cleaning get put on the back burner?

Everyone has good intentions when it comes to establishing a cleaning schedule for their kitchen. Unfortuntately good intentions don't always get the job done.

The reason for this is that something often gets in the way...

  • • that urgent catering job...
  • • another table of customers just came in...
  • • after a busy service the job seems overwhelming...
  • • your child's school assembly...
  • • or make up your own excuse...

Reasons to clean are more compelling

While your excuses can be justified, even if only by yourself, there are much stronger reasons for actually getting the job done...

  • • customers see and appreciate a clean business...
  • • the risk for food contamination is limited...
  • • food tastes better...
  • • creativity is enhanced...
  • • that unscheduled visit from the health inspector...

Rational Self Cooking Center Combi Ovens

Caring for your Combi Caring for your Combi

This is where the Efficient Care Control function on the SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses comes into play. The system has the capability to both clean and descale itself, when required, and can even do this unsupervised overnight. This helps to save on water, power and effort from your team.

Essentially, the SelfCookingCenter® will work out how soiled it is and then determine the level of cleaning required. This is everything from the best cleaning agent to what descaler. All the Rational Self Cooking Center Combi Ovens are fully automated for tablet cleaning and descaling.

Imagine this, after a busy service, your Rational SCC combi oven can make itself as good as new!

Less danger of chemical contact

While there are always health and safety concerns with cooking in a commercial setting, exposure to chemicals while cleaning is one that is often overlooked. Chemical burns can even be more serious than regular burns that chefs experience from elements and flames, according to Better Health Victoria.

This is certainly another advantage of having at least one piece of equipment where your team doesn't come into contact with cleaning chemicals. All cleaning is done automatically and with tablets rather than liquid for the safest possible operation.

If you're wondering how easy it is to clean a RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® combi oven, well the answer is that you don't. Start every service with a sparkling combi oven that can produce food of the highest standard for your customers.

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