Never Worry About Finding a Commercial Kitchen Equipment Technician Again

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When things go wrong!

Meet George, he owns a restaurant in the Sydney CBD that is always busy in the evenings and on weekends.

It’s Wednesday night and George is looking over the reservations for the coming weekend and notices this weekend will be particularly busy because he is almost fully booked for Saturday night.

George walks back into the kitchen to see how the staff are doing after the hectic night, they had a small function and are busy packing up. The dishes are almost finished the cycle in the dishwasher when it just stops working. It’s going to be hard to keep serving without clean dishes, and the next few nights are going to be busy and adding a kitchen hand will just cost way too much.

When things go wrong

It’s after 10pm and slightly stressed out and panicked, George gets onto his computer to see if he can get a phone number for a technician. He stumbles across and sees that he can book online right now to schedule a technician to come out tomorrow.

Having never booked online or used mendr before, George is a bit uncertain about how reliable mendr is. George has a look around and sees that they guarantee that a technician will attend. They also have a 24/7 phone number that he can call.

Fantastic! George books using his credit card selecting the 12 to 4pm time slot. George gets a message instantly on his phone via SMS and email confirming his booking, "Help is on the way! Your mendr tech is scheduled for tomorrow". George also receives a welcome email giving George access to his own customer dashboard.

Content that his booking went through and his technician is confirmed for tomorrow, George goes home feeling relieved and a lot less stressed than he was not so long ago.

The next morning George looks at his phone and sees a message from mendr, "Your mendr tech is scheduled for this afternoon". Feeling more and more relieved that he booked with mendr, George gets ready for work.

At 1pm George gets another message "Your mendr tech, Steve, is on their way and is due to arrive in 15 minutes". The tech, Steve, arrives fixes the dishwasher and George is back to a fully working kitchen again.

A few moments later George gets an email with his invoice, "Your job is finished!".

mendr is available now

This isn’t a distant future technology, mendr is available now.

mendr is paving the way in the foodservices industry enabling all hospitality business owners to find technicians easily and book online at any time. Their Uber-like model means booking is quick and easy, payment is secure, and pricing is upfront.

All mendr techs are vetted by the team at mendr and have the required qualifications, experience and insurances to repair and maintain all commercial refrigeration and kitchen equipment to the highest standards. So, you never need to worry about safety or the quality of work.

Confident in their service, mendr guarantees satisfaction and peace of mind. They understand how broken equipment can affect even the calmest of kitchen staff, so they work tirelessly to make sure a tech is there and make sure to keep you updated on your job and the whereabouts of your tech. Being available 24/7 to ensure peace of mind.

Additional time and parts are always quoted and approved upfront ensuring transparency at all times. Imagine that - No surprises!

The mendr dashboard enables you to track what is happening with your job and what repairs have been completed on each piece of equipment. Providing you with greater control and visibility on equipment repairs and maintenance.

The brain child of BevWizz mendr draws upon over 17 years of experience in the food services industry. BevWizz provides a similar solution on a larger scale for corporate clients, and have built a technology solution that makes the management of equipment and repairs easy, quick, reliable and affordable.

Never worry about finding a technician again, mendr has you covered.

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