Never hand polish again

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Never hand polish again

Winterhalter had an objective of developing a glass and dishwasher that would deliver perfect results with all types of wash items, cope with any on-site conditions and be extremely economical to operate.

Winterhalter UC Under Counter Dishwasher and Glasswasher

The latest range of Under Counters - coined the Masterpiece  - are the best that they have ever designed. Perfectly coordinated accessories. Specially developed chemicals. Advice. Training. Service. All that and now new technology that makes it easier to control your wash, and saves you time, money and most importantly, massively reduces water consumption. The result is a professional tool for commercial dishwashing. A piece of the future.  Find out about connected wash compatibility to save yourself even more time and money.

Never hand polish again

Winterhalter dedicates time to making your time more valuable. Their team of scientists have incorporated Reverse Osmosis (RO) to the wash process. RO removes all impurities from the water which means no need for hand polishing, slicing hours off your staff's workload!

The Winterhalter masterpiece series product benefits

Integrated reverse osmosis

Sparkling glasses and gleaming cutlery  _  with no need for polishing, straight from the machine: the »UC Excellence-i« option makes this possible. The integrated reverse osmosis for machine sizes S and M meets the highest standards of water quality and delivers first-class wash results. Ideal for narrow counter areas where there is no space for external devices. The »UC Excellence-iplus« with an integrated softener is also available.

Economical and efficient

Thanks to our innovative technology, we have been able to reduce the consumption of water, energy and chemicals to a minimum  _  while always ensuring optimal wash results.

Eliminate hand polishing

Glass breakage associated directly with hand polishing can subsequently reduce your total glassware stocks and in some cases, cause injury to staff. By removing the need of hand polishing this can be reduced to around 1% or less which is a significant saving for any hospitality business.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Sparkling clean. Hygienically clean. The UC guarantees consistently good wash results. For cleanliness and hygiene of the highest standard.


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