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Sydney Commercial Kitchens is building a demo kitchen and working showroom of great catering equipment in our warehouse space in Warriewood. It has been our goal to do something like this since we first purchased this office and warehouse unit in 2012.

And we now have approval to commence building, with construction due to start in the second week of October.

My Commercial Kitchen layout

Having access to all the best equipment through our many great suppliers, our intention is to utilise this and build something amazing, a real show kitchen that highlights the best of our industry.

The ‘My Commercial Kitchen’ space will have 3 individual cooking areas, each with approximately 5 metres of stainless steel bench space, as well as a shared cool room, freezer, and access to combi steamer ovens, blast chillers and a host of other equipment that has become standard features in commercial kitchens around the world.

There is nothing else quite like it, in Sydney anyway!

Once it is up and running our plan is to hold regular demonstrations on a variety of commercial cooking appliances, plus, potential customers can make an appointment for a private demonstration on any equipment that they might be considering purchasing, provided that item is available or just to see what the equipment looks like.

If you are a caterer, or a restaurant that does private functions and you never seem to have enough work space to get these jobs, then ‘My Commercial Kitchen’ might be the answer to that problem!

For local restaurants, use My Commercial Kitchen to do your food production during the quieter times[Monday - Wednesday], at cheaper labour rates, which reduces the work load at your busy times and the number of staff required to produce that food.

Imagine for example, using our combi ovens to slow cook your meat products overnight, then use the blast chiller/freezer to bring them down to storage temperatures in an acceptable HACCP timeframe. Once that product has been portioned you could bag them using the vacuum sealer and then, depending on the product, you would have a shelf life of 3-5 days.

This method will allow for you to prepare your food in a controlled environment to your recipe, no more cooking food in the ehat of the moment during busy periods.

Make your business our next satisfied client

If you are looking to buy equipment for your cafe or restaurant at the best price, then let us do the hard work and source the right product for your restaurant, cafe, takeaway or commercial kitchen.

Our goal at SCK is to sell you products that add value to your business.

We power your kitchen!


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