Music with Gusto, Emstream's background music for Restaurants and Cafe's

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Background music licensefees to increase again; specialist seeks industry input to money-saving optionEmstream, a company specialising in background music for businesses, is askingfor the input of the restaurant and café industry to assess a new product whichhas been developed in response to huge increases in public performance licensefees being imposed on the industry….the next of which hits on July 1 this year.

Emstream’s service, called Gusto, delivers music at much lower license coststhanks to preferential license agreements negotiated by Emstream directly withrecord labels rather than via PPCA. The deal which is exclusive to cafes andrestaurants covers about 30%of the global music market from which professionalmusic programmers have made selections designed to provide musical coherencethat will work in most styles of venues.

Mark Schroeder, Emstream’s CEO saysthis approach can cut annual license fees by up to thousands of dollars. Forexample a licensed 30-seat business with an average main meal under $15 fromthis July will have to pay PPCA $1022 pa. Through Emstream that license wouldbe $75 (up to 150sqm). The savings are even greater where the main meal priceis higher.

However, before introducing the service, Emstream is asking forinput from the industry via an online survey. By way of a thank you it isoffering free music for a year for one respondent. If you have 3 spare minutesgo to more information contact Mark Schroeder, CEO Emstream at or on 02 9280 2135

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