Millennials Are Driving Up Restaurant Growth

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Millennials Are Driving Up Restaurant Growth, But How Do We Market To Them?

Marketing a restaurant is already challenging enough given the difficulty in building brand loyalty, managing an online reputation, dealing with transportation accessibility, marketing to the lunch versus dinner crowd, and online ordering.

Now, restaurants must deal with the current seismic shift in how customers, especially millennials, are engaging with their respective businesses. Millennials are driving up growth toward chain restaurants with strong digital presence and convenience and away from traditional retail and sit-down restaurants.

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What is an Instagram Pod? Original story on

What is an Instagram Pod?

Perhaps you have seen people talking about Instagram Pods on other Social Media or perhaps you have been asked to a part of one. Ideally, they are meant to work for your account to increase the level of engagement and therefore increase your visibility. Yes, reports are mixed as to how effective this can be!

Instagram Pods – A group of Instagrammers who have decided that they will consistently engage with each other's content. You need to have some simple rules and set up two group chats, one for chatting and one for sharing your most recent post. You also don't want to go too crazy and then get in trouble with Instagram for trying to rig the system.

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5 effective ideas to promote your restaurant that won't break the bank

When you are comprising an effective recipe for a successful marketing plan for your restaurant, it requires three key ingredients: productive, fast acting, and free. While that last ingredient might be hard to come by in the world of marketing your business, there are some low-cost solutions you can consider.

There are many who are firm believers that you cannot effectively advertise a business without spending a lot of money. The truth is, there are several affordable options to attract new business and retain current customers.

Here are the five best low-cost strategies for boosting new visitors to your restaurant:

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Why Your Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy in 2018 Original story on

Why Your Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy in 2018

When it comes to marketing advice, it’s easy to get lost in all the shoulds, shouldn’ts, musts and must nots. Professionals the world over can debate on the most effective marketing methods, but in 2017, those seeking the sage advice of others would have a difficult time avoiding a healthy endorsement for content marketing. In fact, 86% of B2Cs and 88% of B2Bs employ some content marketing strategy, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Not only are businesses utilizing content as part of their overarching strategy, but they’re seeing results. In fact, when asked to rate the success of their content marketing efforts (from extremely effective to not effective), 97% of both B2Cs and B2Bs reported some level of success. Do you have a solid content marketing strategy in place? Looking to really increase brand awareness in the new year? Here are three reasons why you should include content in your 2018 efforts.

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