Menu Planning

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Making the best menu is always a challenge for the restaurateur. A good menu is definitely the foundation of your establishment. It can also be a powerful marketing and communications tool.

The menu determines the kind of equipment needed, the staff required, the purchasing methods, the storage requirements and even the design and decor of the food service. Your ultimate success may depend on the food offered in the menu.

Menu Planning

Conversely, if you are buying an existing establishment, the type of equipment present will determine the style of food you can offer. Remember you can always look at refurbishing the kitchen to suit your style of food service either now or at a later date.

Other considerations involved in planning your menu are:

    • needs and desires of the patrons
    • the location of the business
    • cost and profitability
    • food supply influences such as seasonal foods
    • limitations of the cooking equipment
    • variety and appeal
    • nutritional factors
    • time factors of the patrons
    • time factors in preparing the food
    • functionality
    • presentation issues i.e. distinction and attraction
    • consistency - Your presentation should remain constant. All staff members involved in food preparation should be able to reproduce the meal exactly
    • accuracy - Your food should reflect accurately what is displayed on the menu

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