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Menu Hacks Designed to Dramatically Increase Restaurant Sales

If you haven't given your menu much attention in a while, you might be missing out on some very easy extra revenue. We lay out three simple restaurant hacks for you to copy that could dramatically increase your restaurant sales in the next year.

With all the buzz of technology in digital restaurant marketing, it's understandable that the traditional, bread and butter of restaurant marketing can fall by the wayside. We've gone back to basics to find the three most effective changes you can make to your menu right now, to maximize your restaurant sales.

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Turn Restaurant Experience From Mediocre To Great Original story on

Yelp & SMS Turn Restaurant Experience From Mediocre To Great

How many times have you gone to a restaurant that does not take reservations and felt frustrated about the wait time? If you're like me, it is too many to count.

While many companies tend to focus on customer experiences at the point people are actually using products and receiving services, brand perception and customer judgments occur much earlier in the customer journey. People don't care if there are internal company process challenges. If expectations are not met, customers will go elsewhere.

With the advent of technology and mobile applications like Yelp, companies can improve customer experiences and proactively address common customer pain points before they occur.

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Why Mobile Apps are Key for the Customer Experience

With nearly 80% of Americans owning smartphones, it's important for all industries to orient their marketing strategy to prioritize mobile devices. With that, QSRs are quickly moving to online, app and kiosk ordering. The quick read into this move is cost-cutting: Technology reduces the number of orders that the restaurant would otherwise have to process manually and provides a more seamless customer experience.

While technology and automation can drive efficiencies, it masks the real impact of these changes. Ironically, the removal of human interactions in the ordering process gives these restaurants a better understanding of their customers. The once-anonymous relationship with a customer is now one that can be managed and valued. As QSRs continue to embrace new technology, we are still in the early stages of how this approach to customer service can be used to build customer loyalty.

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Let's change the conversation around plastic Original story on

Let's change the conversation around plastic

Most people remember the iconic scene in The Graduate when Dustin Hoffman's character, Benjamin Braddock, is pulled aside at his graduation party by a friend of his parents' who gives him some fatherly advice about his future.

The distinguished Mr. McGuire says,"I just want to say one word to you, Ben — one word….plastics,""

But despite two to three previous generations' embracing every conceivable use of plastic, the latest generation is successfully orchestrating a social and cultural — and increasingly political — rejection of plastics (and, in particular, single-use plastics) due to its impact on the environment.

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