Mental health of chefs in the spotlight

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Mental health of chefs in the spotlight

The mental health of chefs and hospitality’s high suicide rate in the spotlight

For the past several months, embattled celebrity chef George Calombaris was part of a growing movement of hospitality industry figures pushing for radical change.

Part of his mission involved shifting the notorious culture in professional kitchens – which a leading academic has described as “toxic” – with a particular focus on mental wellbeing.

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Marketing is Still an Art Original story on

Marketing is Still an Art

(and a Science)

One of the first things we did when we started our own marketing efforts was to build out our list of keywords and begin advertising in the Google Search section (while keeping our Google Shopping campaign live). We thought of all the possible keywords around our products, including chairs, tables, stools, etc., and all variations of those words, including extensions for restaurant, hospitality, wholesale, commercial, food service, etc.

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How to popularise your restaurant

Running a successful restaurant is a dream for many people, but it is a tough industry to survive in. It is estimated that around sixty percent of all new restaurants close within the first year, with many more not making it past the five year mark.

Therefore, it is clear that you need a plan in place and ideas to help you make your restaurant the most popular in the city. With this in mind, we have put together a guide of the best things you can do to stand out from your competitors.

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Eat Easy Is Here Original story on

Eat Easy Is Here

to Shake Up Australia’s Dining Awards

Like Drink Easy before it, Eat Easy is a radical new approach to hospitality awards, where hole-in-the-wall neighbourhood joints are honoured alongside the country's top fine-diners.

Two of the hospitality-industry heavyweights behind Drink Easy – a new, inclusive approach to beverage awards – are doubling down to salute the best in Australian dining.

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