Meiko Dishwasher The spacious, super-sized machine. Even higher and wider

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 MEIKO DV 125.2 Premium Class Commercial Pass Through Dishwasher

Meiko Dishwasher The spacious, super-sized machine. Even higher and wider

Premium-class universal warewasher DV 125.2 with big interior space.

Quick at the task, efficient handling, sustainable in design: warewashing technology from MEIKO.

Fast. Faster. Restaurants. Whether it's about customer satisfaction – or being an agenda-setter and picking up every trend: nowhere is the cycle rate higher than in the restaurant industry.

This includes the field of warewashing. Opening a new branch tomorrow? Then you need the warewashing technology today.

Rush hour for the buffet? There are enough plates available! Service emergency – when there isn't really one... if the outfit for the machine is still right (and everything should be right in a bar) then a “MEIKO” can gladly be a regular.

It looks good. It knows what is right. And it does what has to be done: be there. Function. Be perfect. Fast. Faster. MEIKO.

Dee Why RSL

Dee Why RSL uses Meiko Dishwashers

“Dee Why RSL initially bought three machines and were so satisfied with the dishwashers as well as service that they have outfitted MEIKO machines throughout.

With 4 restaurants and 6 bars, as the club expands so do the number of covers we service every day explained Bruce. The importance of having the most advanced technology available in our kitchens and our bars to be efficient and deliver a fast and outstanding experience for our customers. Our bistro alone serves 365,000 covers a year.

On first impressions, MEIKO have provided state of the art, extraordinary equipment that came with a full support back up. We initially bought three machines, and that’s just expanded and by the end of this year we will have complete MEIKO equipment throughout the club.

I would always recommend MEIKO equipment above the competitor as it's a total solution. Their variables in their product range can suit each and every individual situation within the club, and I thinks it's a very efficient and cost effective way of delivery a product for our members and perhaps members in other clubs.”

Bruce McLean and Greg Costello Dee Why RSL

Rockpool Dining Group

Neil Perry Rockpool uses Meiko Dishwashers

Australia's most renowned chef around the world, Neil Perry shares his experience with using MEIKO as his preferred commercial dishwashing supplier.

“We started with MEIKO a number of years ago because Crown were very heavily vested in them and we heard nothing but fantastic reports from the Crown guys where they really go 24-7. So we got our first one down in Rockpool Bar and Grill in Melbourne, and really since that time, the reliability has been fantastic.

On average a person in one service would use definitely 4-7 glasses which is a considerable amount to 100 people during service. The Sommelier chooses the glassware and looking after them is a priority. Our glassware is reasonably expensive, and a M-iClean that helps us reduce breakages is a really key part of our decision making in terms of washing up. We spend on average thousands of dollars so anything that reduces that cost is an amazing thing.”

Neil Perry Rockpool Dining Group

The new premium-class MEIKO DV 125.2 machine super-sized machine. Even higher and wider

Why Choose Premium Camshelving over Wire Shelves?

It has everything that makes it a true professional amongst warewashers. A dynamic, high-performance pump with ultra efficient, powerful rotating stainless steel wash and rinse systems with additional wash nozzles above and below and at all four corners of the tank, a carefully planned robust design with sophisticated operating technology.

Designed to wash dishware, transport baskets, Gastronorm (GN) kitchen containers, pots and pans, cutlery, oven trays and even glasses. Thanks to its super-sized capacity with a passing height of 555 mm, this machine can even ensure hygienic cleaning of items as large as 650 x 530 mm (2/1 Gastronorm).

That makes it the perfect dishwashing solution for butchers and bakeries, too.

The superiority of MEIKO technology is demonstrated by the quality of it's build:

  • Electronically controlled wash pump providing...
    • Gentle programme...
    • Intensive programme...
    • Power programme...
  • MIKE 2 electronic control system with infrared interface...
  • AktivPlus wash water filter system...
  • Built-in AktivClean water softener (option)...
  • Water change programme (option)...
  • EWS technology for reduced running costs and rinse water consumption...
  • Sloped hood ceiling and surrounding drip channel prevent wash water dripping onto dishware...
  • Passing height of 555 mm...
  • Booster pump...
  • Drain pump...
  • Self-cleaning programme...
  • AquaStop system with leak detection switch and stainless steel base drip tray for maximum safety and reliability...
  • Connection kit (water, waste water and electrics) and much more...

DV 125.2 with the Point2 AirConcept system

Clean air and superb energy efficiency

The MEIKO Point2 AirConcept system (optional) is an innovative air management solution that provides the very best in exhaust heat recovery. Instead of being released into the room, the hot steam is fed back into the machine as part of the heat recovery process.

Maximum energy efficiency
Built-in heat recovery system
Better indoor climate
Reduced emissions
Integrated self-cleaning function
Uncompromising standards of hygiene
Fully DIN certified
Maintains programme timings and temperature settings
Helps washware to dry quicker

Steam emissions are reduced to a minimum, making for a much more pleasant working environment. The hot air emitted by the machine is recycled as a source of energy for the water circuit. This reduces the connected load of the machine by up to 12 % and leads to significant energy and cost savings.

Potential reduction in running costs based on a DV 125.2 with MEIKO Point2 AirConcept

Potential reduction in running costs based on a DV 125.2 with MEIKO Point2 AirConcept

Meiko Dishwashers, made by professionals for professionals

Meiko Dishwashers, made by professionals for professionals

Meiko Universal Hinged Basket Holder

Meiko universal hinged basket holder

The universal basket holder is designed to take all popular

500 x 500 mm and 600 x 500 mm standard baskets as well as 600 x 400 mm transport containers. A wide range of non-standard baskets emphasises the DV 125.2's versatility.

These include baskets for trays, serving dishes, baking and display trays, stainless steel baskets with inclined supports for 600 x 400 transport containers and even a basket for GN 2/1Containers.

MEIKO DV 125.2 Premium Commercial Pass Through Dishwasher Dimensions and technical data

MEIKO DV 125.2 Premium Commercial Pass Through Dishwasher Dimensions and technical data

Programme cycles available for selection*

  • Short wash = 60 seconds (power level I)...
  • Standard wash = 90 seconds (power level II)...
  • Intensive wash = 210 seconds (power level...

* If the machine is connected to a cold water supply and/or if baskets are inserted in quick succession, the duration of the wash cycles may be increased to achieve hygienic final rinse temperatures.

The water change programme increases the duration of the wash cycle.

Please note that the design of ventilation systems for wash-up areas must comply with VDI 2052 regulations.

The Point2 AirConcept and AirBox AktivAir options cannot be combined with the automatic hoodoption.

Basket dimensions
500mm x 500mm – 650mm x 500mm
Entry height
  • Basket capacity up to baskets/hour 60/40/17
  • Plate capacity up to plates/hour 1,320
  • Glass capacity up to glasses/hour 2,940
Pump capacity
Tank capacity
26 litres
Final rinse
Pump capacity
3.2 litres/basket
Tank heating
Built-in boiler heating
  • 45 °C inlet temperature 7.5 kW
  • 10 °C inlet temperature 9.0 kW
Total connected load
  • 45 °C inlet temperature 11.1 kW
  • 10 °C inlet temperature 12.6 kW
  • 10 °C inlet temperature with Point2 AirConcept 11.1 kW

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