Maximise Profits, Minimise Effort: Your Cafe Deserves the Unox Bakerlux Speed.Pro Oven

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Maximise Profits, Minimise Effort: Your Cafe Deserves the Unox Bakerlux Speed.Pro Oven

Picture this – It's a bright, bustling morning at your cafe in Sydney. Customers are streaming in, eager for their daily dose of coffee and delectable breakfast treats. The atmosphere is lively, yet there's a storm brewing behind the scenes. The kitchen staff is trying to keep up with the ever-growing stack of orders. 

Yet, despite the beauty of the chaos, a lingering concern gnaws at the back of your mind - the relentless race against time, the constant pressure to maintain quality while speeding up service. As orders pile up, your trusty kitchen appliances seem to groan under the pressure, unable to keep up with the demand. It feels like an uphill battle, doesn't it?

The familiar kitchen equipment seems to slow down just when you need it to speed up. It's a classic cafe challenge, isn't it?

You're not alone. This is the all-too-familiar narrative of countless cafe & restaurant owners like yourself trying to strike that elusive balance between speed and quality. You've searched high and low for a solution, only to be disappointed.

But what if there's a game-changing appliance that could transform your kitchen operations? 

Enter the Unox Bakerlux Speed.Pro XESW-03HS-EDDN Speed Oven.

The extraordinary BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro™ is a breakthrough in the culinary world, being the first baking speed oven that consolidates a convection oven and a speed oven in one compact piece of equipment. 

This isn't a mere improvement; it's a quantum leap towards working smarter, not harder. Fill your baked goods once baked, then heat them up in a few seconds when the order comes in. Serve them hot and fragrant: multiply your profit!

Bake Mode

The spacious baking chamber with the double-speed fan is ideal for granting fragrant and browned baked goods. Conquer your customer, diversify your offer, and increase your profit.

Speed Mood

The plate for speed mode makes it possible to heat both single and multiple portions of food in seconds. Service times are halved, and your profits doubled. 


One of its defining features is the SPEED.Plate which cleverly accumulates heat during the preheat or when the oven is in standby mode and dispenses it quickly as soon as you place the food on it. It significantly cuts down your cooking time, letting you serve more customers without compromising on the quality your restaurant is known for. Plus, its non-stick coating makes cleaning a breeze, reducing precious time spent on maintenance.


But the innovation doesn't stop there. The BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro™ also comes equipped with the SPEED.Grid. This remarkable feature allows you to attain intense grill marks on every type of product, elevating the visual appeal of your dishes and delighting your customers. And with the unique toothed scoop, positioning and food extraction are made easy, saving your staff from potential burns and your business from potential liability.

Now is the time to act. Say goodbye to the days of juggling quality with speed. Embrace the BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro™ and experience a new era of culinary efficiency. 

The BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro™ is an investment that will pay dividends in the future. After all, quality is an investment in the future.

Don't just take our word for it. Try the Unox Bakerlux Speed.Pro XESW-03HS-EDDN Speed Oven today and witness the transformation in your kitchen operations. Contact our SCK Team for more information. Your dreams of a more efficient and profitable restaurant are just a click away. Go on, turn the tables on the competition and rise above the ordinary.

Welcome to the future of cooking powered by Unox. Here's to cooking smarter, not harder!

Unox Bakerlux Speed Oven

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