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Cossiga, making great food look even better! Cossiga, making great food look even better!

It is a well known fact in this industry that the more attractive your display cabinets are, they will enhance the way your great food is displayed and ultimately lead to more product sales. If you can add to this equation by having the customer select and pick their own food to purchase and eat then it will also save on your wages bill.

Cossiga's Tower BTG Range

For stand-alone versatility nothing beats the classic Tower BTG range from Cossiga. The BTG provides the ultimate in food presentation and with condensation-free glass and the option of sliding doors or fixed front it can't get any easier for your customers' either.

The brand new Taronga Food Market is now open! Taronga Zoo recently completed upgrading all their food facilities, including launching the new Food Market.

The Taronga Food Market is a bright space serving a selection of diverse and contemporary hot and cold food options. Choose from freshly cooked roast chicken to a delicious salad or simply relax with a coffee in a calm oasis setting.

Cossiga Tower BTG Refrigerated Cabinets

The Cossiga BTG RF series has options of either sliding doors front and rear or solid front heated glass, it is your choice.

Heated double glazed glass top and sides keeps condensation from spoiling the visibility of the food that is being displayed.

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Cossiga Tower BTG Refrigerated Cabinets

Cossiga Tower BTG Heated Cabinets<

Cossiga Tower BTG Heated Cabinets

Similar to the RF models, the Cossiga BTG HT series has options of either sliding doors front and rear or solid front heated glass. Again, it is your choice.

These heated food displays come standard with deck forced heating, single glazed glass, 4 Adjustable shelves with ticket strips and undershelf canopy and lights

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