Making food look great with Cossiga

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Stylish, robust and hard-working, Cossiga cabinets are designed to make food look great!

Manufactured from stainless steel, Cossiga’s innovative food display cabinets reflect the very latest in modular design and performance technology. You will find our heated, refrigerated and ambient food display cabinets in the best espresso bars, high street cafés, coffee shops, bakeries, industrial cafeterias, convenience stores or wherever quality food presentation and food safety are paramount.

It’s not surprising to hear our cabinets are considered “the best value cabinets when taking into consideration the style / functionality / reliability / price / service ratio”.


Combine style and flexibility with a self-service modular system; available as free-standing or countertop. Our CURVED SERIES enable you to create a clean, contemporary and efficient food service environment. Modules can be free-standing, or counter-top (with option for drop-in), which allow you to easily create a customized food display line-up. As an extra feature, the cabinet panels can be personalised to suit your decor or brand needs.


Offer the ultimate in food presentation. Now "tropicalised" to make food look great in all conditions. Our stunning glass towers feature a contemporary square look with clean lines, these food display cabinets are designed to offer unparalleled food presentation. Cossiga Tower Series integrates seamlessly into modern cafés, espresso bars, delicatessens and bakeries or wherever quality food presentation and food safety are paramount.


Build your own food service line-up using standardised drop-in modules. The LINEAR SERIES (LS) offers you easier ways to create flexible and great-looking food display cabinet line-ups. This range, that includes drop-in modular display wells and the new Linear Mobile Trolleys, has been designed to enable you to construct a tailored food service line-up. Available in refrigerated or heated options, the Linear Series features a range of stylish sneezeguards ensuring a hygienic self-service environment.

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Making food look great with Cossiga!

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