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modular design and performance technology Modular design and performance technology

Cossiga's innovative food display cabinets

Stylish, robust and hard-working our cabinets are designed to make food look great!

Manufactured from stainless steel, Cossiga's innovative food display cabinets reflect the very latest in modular design and performance technology.

You will find Cossiga's heated, refrigerated and ambient food display cabinets in the best espresso bars, high street cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, industrial cafeterias, convenience stores or wherever quality food presentation and food safety are paramount.

It's not surprising to hear that their cabinets are considered 'the best value cabinets when taking into consideration the style / functionality / reliability / price / service ratio'.

Cossiga Tower BTG

Stand-alone versatility.

The classic BTG provides the ultimate in food presentation. Condensation-free glass, with the option of sliding doors or fixed front.

Cossiga Tower BTG

Cossiga Tower TTG

Cossiga Tower TTG

Food-to-go made easy.

Open-front TTG is the ideal solution for grab-and-go environments.

It features a night blind and an optional security screen.

Cossiga Tower GOG

A new edge on food display.

As a new addition to our range, the frameless glass-on-glass (GOG) offers stunning food visibility.

Condensation-free glass and available as countertop or with optional adjustable frame.

Cossiga Tower GOG

Cossiga Tower STG

Cossiga Tower STG

The countertop tower.

Robust and hard-working STG is a proven modular solution.

Condensation-free glass with the option of sliding doors or fixed front.

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