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Locating the Right Restaurant Equipment Supplier can be a key to Success in the Restaurant Industry Sydney Commercial Kitchens is the key to Success in the Restaurant Industry

The correct supplier can make a big difference

The majority of restaurateurs know that discovering the right provider of equipment required to run their restaurant is of the utmost importance. And the correct equipment can mean a substantial financial savings as well as decrease the frustrations often related to looking for a trusted supplier. For food establishments, nevertheless, discovering the right equipment distributor can make the difference between success and also failure in their business.

Restaurant owners, more than any type of service proprietors, depend on the equipment in their business to make sure that they can open for service each and every day.

Typically, there is usually only space for one piece of each significant type of equipment due to the kitchens restricted space. While restaurant equipment is made to last the rigors of daily use, ultimately the load it is under will cause that item to break down. At some point it will need to be changed.

When this happens you need a supplier, like Sydney Commercial Kitchens, who can action your needs FAST.

"The customer service from Mel was exceptional as was the fast delivery. I ordered the jugs midday on Thursday, desperately needing them by the weekend and received them the following day."


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While replacing an item of equipment seems straightforward enough, like the majority of things in the restaurant business, it isn't.

Restaurant proprietors commonly depend on their equipment supplier to determine whether a brand-new piece of equipment will satisfy the growing requirements of the facility. They might depend on the supplier's product knowledge to identify what will and will not function in their business. With the majority of restaurant equipment costing thousands of dollars, considerations of this nature should never be entrusted to chance.

Powering your Kitchen

Restaurant owners realise that while anyone can sell equipment, only experienced equipment dealers will understand what that businesses requirements are and are able to sell the right equipment that will help the restaurateurs needs. At SCK, our sales specialists are chefs, we know what you do and how you want to do it.

Once restaurant owners establish a good working relationship with a reliable equipment supplier they often choose to maintain that relationship throughout the life of the business. In the last financial year, at Sydney Commercial Kitchens 38% of our sales were from existing customers. Why not make your hospitality business our next satisfied customer!

Let us do the hard work and source the right equipment for your Restaurant or Commercial Kitchen

Our goal at SCK is to sell you products that add value to your business.

We power your kitchen!


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