Light years ahead

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Dishwashers that are light years ahead Dishwashers that are light years ahead

In a week when we are celebrating 50 years since man first walked on the moon, it seems topical to post about light years and new dimensions.

Hobart Food Equipment, renowned for their Dishwashers, amongst other things, have taken dishwashing technology to a new dimension, light years ahead of other dishwashers.

Hobart Warewashing

The Hobart range of warewashing equipment delivers, as standard, the highest specification machines on the market, designed and built with the customer in mind to provide innovative, technologically advanced solutions.

Efficient and effective with features to ensure ease of use, exceptional results and low running costs.

Hobart undercounter dishwasher range

Introducing the technologically advanced Hobart undercounter dishwasher range.

First impressions last ... and clean, spotless washware is a vital component in the delivery of the perfect experience to your customers. No one understands the value of this more than Hobart. By extensively researching all of the major hospitality business segments, including bars, leisure, restaurants and hotels, Hobart have listened to and understood the key requirements of the market.

This knowledge has enabled Hobart to develop the most efficient and effective range of undercounter dishwashers on the market – they all incorporate features which ensure ease of use and cleaning combined with clever innovations to guarantee exceptionally consistent results, greatest efficiency, and lowest running costs.

The Hobart undercounter range takes dishwashing technology to a new dimension, light years ahead of any other undercounter machine on the market.

Key Features of Hobart Undercounter dishwashers are:

  • • Ease of operation
  • • Consistently outstanding wash results
  • • Energy saving features
  • • Versatile wash options
  • • Double racking for doubled throughput
  • • Lowest water usage (down to 1.0 L/Cycle!)
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Hobart Undercounter dishwashers

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