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Australia’s Largest Interactive Cookery Event this OctoberAt MasterChef Live HQ, they have been busy finalising the key messages of the campaign LEARN, SHOP, COOK & EAT and a ticket price of $23 for Kids, $30 for adults and $99 for a family, that includes all Cookery Schools & MasterClasses.With a targeted focus on shopping this year, an extra helping of interactive Cookery Schools, a dollop of MasterChef MasterClasses, all seasoned with Australia's favourite celebrity culinary talent (including judges, contestants & guests from the MasterChef TV series) MasterChef Live 2011 brings to the boil the most exciting, interactive and entertaining cooking event of the year!MasterChef Live offers brands a unique opportunity to educate, demonstrate and sample to existing and future customers. Nothing beats conversation. No amount of advertising or marketing can match the value of face to face contact with your customers. It builds brand loyalty and is the most effective way to get honest feedback.With stand space starting at $340 per sqm, and interactive visitor engaging sponsorship opportunities starting from $10,000 + GST, MasterChef Live is your chance to have a meaningful and worthwhile interaction with switched on and engaged cooking enthusiasts.MasterChef Live is on from 7-9 October at the Hordern Pavilion & RHI. Contact simonw@brandevents.com.au to find out more.

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