Kitchen Food Cost Blitz

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Kitchen Food Cost Blitz Webinar Tightly-managed food cost systems have never been more important

In this important webinar hosted by Ken Burgin from Silverchef talks with Andrew Briese, who has many years of experience as a chef and business manager. He's also a consultant & popular trainer with chefs & foodservice operators, showing them how to cut costs and increase productivity. Andrew shares honestly about problems and solutions, and there will be plenty of time for questions.

Topics covered...

  • • Best practice for food ordering, stock levels and stocktake
  • • The good and the bad of food storage
  • • Managing and reducing theft and waste
  • • What sort of food cost percentages should a chef aim for?
  • • Make or buy? Maximising quality and reducing costs
  • • Best methods for recipe and menu costing
  • • Better equipment to lower food & labour costs
  • • What are the new skills that chefs need to develop?
  • • Andrew Briese is founder and developer of the Australian kitchen management and cost-control system Cooking the Books.

Where & When

Thu, 1 Oct 2020

NSW, Vic, Qld, Tas: 2pm,
SA: 1.30pm,
WA: 12 pm,
NZ: 4pm.

Can't make it?

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