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Camrack System is ideal for large operations Camrack Dishwasher System is ideal for large operations

What warewashing system do you use?

Camrack® Warewashing System

Cambro have a complete line of products for washing, storing, and transportation with minimal handling.

Cambro offers a 4-in-1 system where glassware is washed, stored, identified and transported in one multi-purpose unit. This complete system includes the Camrack compartment racks, a Camdolly® and the Camrack cover.

Camrack 4-in-1 Warewashing System

• Efficient Washing
• Optimum Sanitary Storage
• Inventory Control
• Safe, Sanitary Transportation

Camrack® Warewashing System

Efficient Washing System

Efficient Washing System

Innovative Design

Cambro's open inside compartments provide thorough circulation of water and cleaning solutions to promote excellent cleaning and quick and thorough drying. Cambro's closed outer wall system is designed for optimum cleaning, keeping water and chemicals inside the rack, reducing waste.

Racks with open outer wall design actually increase overall operational cost because of the need to rewash glassware. This increases the consumption of water, chemicals, utilities and labor or plastic wrap.

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Good quality! Love how you can add attachments to extend depth.


Benefits of Tunnel Effect in Closed Outer Wall System

• Optimum washing and rinsing due to longer contact of solution inside the rack.
• Reduced waste of water and chemicals unlike open outer wall racks.
• Eliminated costly rewashing.
• Increased savings in water, chemicals and electricity consumption.
• Time and labour savings since there will be no rewashing needed before setup.
• Reduced breakage from reduced handling.

Customers are served with clean dishes and sparkling glassware every time.

Benefits of Tunnel Effect

Camrack® System will protect glassware

Hygienic Storage and Transportation System

Ideal Cleaning and Sanitary Storage

The Camrack® System will protect glassware and keep it clean until the next event, with no rewashing.

Ergonomic Design

Cambro Camracks have built-in handles on each side allowing easy and safe handling.

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