Just Hanging Out For A Coffee, I need a Cappuccino


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Just Hanging Out For A Coffee, I need a Cappuccino

It's a Saturday morning I'm down at the shops waiting for my kids.

My last coffee is a distant memory. Sometime yesterday afternoon.

I need a Coffee.

This shopping caper drags on.

I tell my kids to “battle on without me, I'll back soon I'm going for a Coffee.”

I'm sure if I'm the only person hanging for a coffee, but there seems to big queue at this Cafe.

I ordered a large Cappuccino.

Hanging out for a Coffee I need a Cappuccino

Why I waited I start reading all the Coffee Quotes around the walls & interesting Coffee Stats.

When I saw the Coffee Taster's Flavour wheel I was mesmerised by the graphic.

I actually asked the Barista if all right I take a photo of this.

Coffee taster Flavour Wheel

I had no ideas that coffee could have such complexity. Let's face it, I just wanted a Coffee.

This cafe was busy. People were lined up a 3 deep trying to order a Coffee.

Now I understood why the walls were covered with so much interesting Coffee Musings.

This was written on the Chalkboard.

“Asking me if like coffee is like asking me if I like breathing” It was attributed to Carrie Bradshaw the fictional character and lead character of the HBO romantic sitcom Sex and the City.

I don't know if I would go that far, but I'm sure there are plenty of people hanging for their next coffee fix.

I found this chart interesting us Sydneysiders awake earlier than people from Melbourne.

What time do have coffee

This Research was conducted mobile POS company Square

So in Sydney, we get our first coffee 90 minutes earlier than people in Melbourne. It must because of the traffic.

With these numbers, if I owned a Cafe in Sydney I would make sure I was open for the peak rush.

When I saw the price people were paying for Coffee in Australia ,it brought a smile to my face.

Everybody tells you NSW is an expensive place to live, but look at these numbers NSW has the Cheapest Cappuccinos in Australia.

Comparing a Cup of Coffee Pricesin each state

Check out The Square Australian Coffee Report

I love this quote

“Coffee should be Black as Hell, Strong as death and sweet as love.” A Turkish Proverb

Or what about this one

Good ideas start with Coffee

So I guess you can see that I had a far wait to get my Coffee.

The Smell was captivating.

Suddenly my numbers called. The Barista hands me my Coffee with little surprise nestled on the lid. A Small almond biscotti. Wow, it just topped off an incredible Coffee.

It was worth the wait, I could feel my brain cells tingling, invigorated with a shot of Caffeine.

Now I know I'm not alone enjoying a coffee.

I have coffee with friends on a regular basis. “Do you want to go out for Coffee?” you don't hear saying that about Tea.

So what are Coffee Numbers in Australia

Types of Coffee served in Australia

Types of Coffees served in Australia

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