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Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers A must have piece of equipment in commercial kitchens

A blast chiller or blast freezer can change what you can do with food.

Blast chillers are especially important when you have HACCP requirements to improve food safety and handling as part of your daily routine. This can be a critical part of your food production processes, especially in aged care and nursing homes.

What are blast chillers used for?

The truth is you can blast chill or shock freeze just about anything that can be produced in a kitchen. This includes both raw foods and cooked foods.

How do blast chillers work?

Blast chilling is a method of cooling food quickly to a low temperature that is relatively safe from bacterial growth.

Bacteria multiply fastest between +5° and +68°.

By reducing the temperature of cooked food using blast chilling from +70°C to +3°C or below within 90 minutes, the food is rendered safe for storage and later consumption. For blast freezing food the requirement is +90°C to -18°C within 240 minutes.

This method of preserving food is commonly used in food catering, as well as in aged care and nursing homes, as it ensures the safety and the quality of the food product.

In general, commercial kitchens are starting to see the advantage of adding a Blast chiller to their cooking arsenal. They are now regarded as “A must have piece of equipment in their kitchens”.

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Blast Chiller Free Guide

Blast Chiller Free Guide

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