Just add water, warewashing at its best


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Just add water, warewashing at its best

Just add water, warewashing at its best Just add water, warewashing at its best

Washtech Dishwashers: Water & Energy Efficent

Washtech Dishwashers are a smart combination of long product life, cost effectiveness, efficient operation and stunning cleaning results.

When choosing a dishwasher for your commercial kitchen consider an ergonomic layout in association to the rest of the kitchen equipment so it is easy, efficient and safe for staff to move around the kitchen.

The dishwasher should be located close to the sink so dishes can be rinsed loaded and packed into the dishwasher without even taking a step!

Setting up an efficient workflow can minimise staff injuries. Ideally you don’t want staff carrying heavy racks of dishes or repeatedly bending during their shift as this can lead to injuries – especially during peak service times. Washtech Passthrough Dishwashers are a smart combination of long product life, cost effectiveness, efficient operation and stunning cleaning results.

The Washtech range delivers a high standard in performance, functionality and choice in our commercial dishwasher range.

We understand everything we do must focus on improving how we assist our customers. During a comprehensive research and development process we have carefully analysed their changing requirements.

This has resulted in a range of commercial dishwashers that covers a broader market spectrum, positioning three distinct types of dishwashers and glasswashers; the A-Type Premium, the M-Type Professional and the X-Type Economy. With our range of features we can be sure each product is highly suited to every application.

The products define an evolution in our approach. It comes from listening, learning, improving and ultimately, triumphing in providing the very best in washing systems.

Washtech A Type Premium Dishwashers

For the very best in fast, energy-efficient washing the A-type Premium range can’t be beat. With a higher performance level and extended functionality this range delivers easier operation and reduced operating costs. Thanks to a clever design and construction process the technology now provides even quieter, cooler operation.

The advanced new filtration systems accumulate food waste and remove much of it from the machine during operation. Hot fresh rinse water is all retained instead of cooler soiled water – which is pumped from the machine. It’s a process that ensures both fresher wash water and reduces energy and chemical use.

Peace of mind is also a vital factor in the appeal of these machines thanks to the assured rinse system. Performance is now guaranteed regardless of the supply temperature or pressure.

  • Washtech GL – Fully Insulated Premium Undercounter Glasswasher / Dishwasher – 450mm Rack
  • Washtech UL – Fully Insulated Premium Undercounter Glasswasher / Dishwasher – 500mm Rack
  • Washtech AL – Fully Insulated Premium Passthrough Dishwasher – 500mm Rack

M-Type Professional

The M-type professional range includes our biggest selling models.

The M-type professional range rises to the challenge, exuding robust reliability and performance. The GM and UD models offer a cool machine front / sound dampened door and electronic controls as standard, the M2 model is fitted with a 316 stainless steel rise break tank and rinse booster pump and on all M tyoe models the controls are much more intuitively designed with a complete electronic display panel and keypad.

  • Washtech GM – Professional Undercounter Glasswasher and Light Duty Dishwasher – 450mm Rack
  • Washtech UD – Professional Undercounter Glasswasher / Dishwasher – 500mm Rack
  • Washtech M2 – Professional Passthrough Dishwasher – 500mm Rack

X-Type Economy

Whether a small start-up business or a larger operation needing additional support for high demand, sometimes simple and cost-effective technology provides the very best solution.

Our economy range has been meticulously developed to meet these requirements, while at the same time surpassing the common expectations of what entry-level products deliver.

With a robust, proven passthrough machine, a simple, highperformance under-counter dishwasher and an extremely efficient glasswasher this range delivers both exemplary performance and, with our industry-leading commitment to post-sale support, ongoing peace of mind.

  • Washtech XG – High Efficiency Economy Undercounter Glasswasher – 365mm Rack
  • Washtech XV - Economy Undercounter Glass & Dishwasher – up to 450mm Rack
  • Washtech XU – Economy Undercounter Dishwasher – 500mm Rack
  • Washtech XM, XP & XL – Economy Passthrough Dishwashers – 500mm Rack

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