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Juices are bursting with flavour Juices are bursting with flavour

Are you ready for the demands of summer?

You will be with a Robot Coupe juicer

Robot Coupe Juicers

The Robot Coupe automatic juice extractors have a unique design of the feed tube doing away with the need for a pusher! It is possible to now process high volumes of top-quality juice quickly and effortlessly!

The commercial-grade motor is both powerful and resilient and it operates at a speed of 3,000 rpm. This means that the juice oxidises less quickly. The resulting juices are particularly smooth and bursting with flavour.

The noise levels of the J80 Ultra are so low that it can be used right in front of the customer.

"If life gives you lemons, make apple juice and make people wonder how the hell you did it."

Gurbaksh Chahal

Why your customers will benefit

Juices are:

  • • Nutritious and delicious
  • • Quick and convenient
  • • Good for health and diets

How your business can benefit

  • • Create theatre and customer engagement
  • • Value add and up-sell

Realise your profit potential

A Robot Coupe Juicer can be relied upon every day.

They are used by professional in many different sectors of the hospitality industry.

Robot Coupe Juicer J80 Ultra is used by supermarkets, takeaways, cafes, bars & restaurants.

Robot Coupe Juicer J100 Ultra is used by hotels, schools, hospitals, aged care and large catering companies.

You might easily expect to see one in a breakfast buffet the next time you are away.

Return on Investment

When buying a Robot Coupe Juicer you might well expect to see a return on your investment in a little over one month.

If you paid $2200.00 + GST for the J80 juicer at the example of $5 profit per glass then payback is after 440 drinks. That is serving less than 15 drinks per day for 30 days.

If you paid $2800.00 + GST for the J100 juicer at the example of $5 profit per glass then payback is after 560 drinks. That is serving less than 19 drinks per day for 30 days.

Robot Coupe Juicers give a fast return on investment

Make your business our next satisfied client

Let us do the hard work and source the right juicer for your Restaurant or Commercial Kitchen

Our goal at SCK is to sell you juicers that add value to your business.

We power your kitchen!

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