It was the best of times

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It was the best of times

It was the best of times It was the worst of times

When Charles Dickens penned the classic "Tale of Two Cities" he could have easily had this time in mind.

And, to quote another famous saying, in every cloud there is a silver lining.

What is your silver lining?

There must be hundreds of positive stories happening in cafes and restaurants near you, and now is the time to start sharing all the great things that are happening around the traps in hospitality businesses. It doesn't have to be your business necessarily, it might just be the corner cafe, but in times like this great stories can help provide much needed inspiration.

Let's start sharing your story and get them out there where they could potentially give inspiration to other business owners and allow them to create their own story to share.

Together we can achieve more.

I will get this started with

The Odd Mug Cafe

This local cafe in Cromer opened in 2016 and this morning when I spoke with Natalie, the owner, she told me that while hot food sales are down there has been an increase in coffee as well as cakes and cookies sales, mostly due to the fact that people have started working remotely. This cafe is centrally located in the suburb and is easily accessible with just a short walk from most homes.

Their website shows lots of great food images of the various items on their menu. Maybe you should take time to visit if it is in walking distance anyway!

Odd Mug Cafe ...

The Odd Mug Cafe

Please share your stories, either by sending me an email to or commenting on one of the social media platforms where this will get posted.

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