It’s Chinese New Year & 2017 Is The Year of Fire Rooster Year & Restaurant Owner

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It’s Chinese New Year & 2017 Is The Year of Fire Rooster Year & Restaurant Owner

Celebrting Chinese New Year Year of Rooster in Sydney

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It's Chinese New Year & 2017 Is a Fire Rooster Year

It's an exciting time of the year it's Chineses New Year Day. This takes place between January 21 and February 20 because it’s based on the lunar calendar.

This year the Chineses New Year Day fell on January 28, making it the 4714th Chinese year.

Each Chinese New Year takes on characterised by one of 12 animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac.

The Chinese zodiac gets divided into 12 houses & each house has a 1 year time-length instead of one month.

This year, it's the Year of the Rooster, the 10th animal in the cycle. The next Year of the Rooster will be in 2029.

2017 Is a Fire Rooster Year

The Year of the Rooster — What It Means

So every 12 years there is a Rooster year, beginning at Chinese New Year. A year of the Rooster always comes after a Monkey year and before a Dog year.

Years of the Rooster include 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029.

In Chinese astrology, each zodiac year is not only associated with an animal sign, but also one of five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth.

So this Year 2017 celebrates the Fire Rooster year. Element-sign combinations recur every 60 years. So the last time we had a Fire Rooster, was in 1957.

5 Types OF Roosters

Type of Rooster

Year of Birth


Wood Rooster

1945, 2005

Energetic, overconfident, tender, and unstable

Fire Rooster

1957, 2017

Trustworthy, with a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility at work

Earth Rooster

1909, 1969

Lovely, generous, trustworthy, and popular with their friends

Gold Rooster

1921, 1981

Determined, brave, perseverant, and hardworking

Water Rooster

1933, 1993

Smart, quick-witted, tenderhearted, and compassionate

In Chinese Horoscope your Element-sign combinations determines your characteristics After reading up on Chinese Horoscope & attributes, I found these the most interesting characteristics.

Fire Roosters are known for being trustworthy, punctual and responsible (especially at work).

Roosters are more motivated than other animals in the Chinese zodiac, making their careers a priority in their lives. Roosters are hard working, multi-talented, and can deal with a variety of jobs.

If you're born in the Year of the Rooster, you should become a restaurant owner, because this is considered an ideal career choice for Roosters.

You will also find these occupations align with your year of Rooster traits.

Newsreader, sales person, restaurant owner, hairdresser, public relations officer, farmer, athlete, teacher, waiter, journalist, travel writer, dentist, surgeon, soldier, fireman, security guard, and a police officer.

In Australia we celebrate Chinese New Year, this also called the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year

Happiness and prosperity!

Happiness and prosperity!

Chinese New Year, is one of our most colourful events in the calendar, Chinese people celebrate in China and around the world.

The Chinese New Year celebrations in Australia follow similar events and activities as practised in China:

  • Street festivals featuring arts, entertainment and children’s activities...
  • Chinese New Year markets showcasing arts, crafts and food stalls...
  • Dancing, music and people wearing colourful costumes to welcome the Chinese New Year...
  • Vibrant displays of Chinese lanterns, firecrackers and fireworks...

Many Chinese Australian families spend Chinese New Year by gathering together for a festive meal. Children often receive red envelopes with money (Hong Bao, Ang Pao, or Lai See). The Chinese New Year celebrations can last for about 15 days. It’s a busy time filled with festive programs across different communities in Australia.

Sydney Chinese New Year Festival

The Lunar Lanterns, as the heart and soul of the Lunar New Year 2017

Lunar Lanterns at Circular Quay

Lunar Lanterns at Circular Quay

Our Lunar Lantern Community Performance Program is a celebration of cultures, community, and friendship. While this is the 21st celebration of the Chinese New Year Festival, community celebrations stretch back to the birth of modern Sydney.

More than 1,000 performers will bring public spaces in the city to life with hip hop, folk dance, martial arts and traditional dance performances.

Recipes for the Year of Recipes Festival Meals

Even if you were not born in the Year of the Rooster, you can still own a Restaurant, so let’s look some Recipes to Celebrate festive meal for the year of the Rooster.

Aromatic Duck With Asparagus and Cucumber Salad

Aromatic duck with asparagus and cucumber salad

Paul Ainsworth - Number 6

One Michelin Star

Duck coated in a range of piquant flavours is served up with a cooling cucumber and asparagus salad in recipe from Paul...

Get the Recipe Aromatic duck with asparagus and cucumber salad

Sang Choi Bao

Sang Choi Bao

Neil Perry

Serve the Sung Choi Bao mince onto a platter, sprinkle with long sliced shallots and place the well-washed lettuce cups beside it. Simply spoon the mince into the lettuce cups before eating.

Go to watch the Video Recipe Sang Choi Bao - Neil Perry

Shiitake chive dumplings

Shiitake chive dumplings

Jeremy Pang

Want to have a go at making your own Chinese dim sum? Jeremy's recipe includes a useful guide to making these wonderfully crispy shiitake and chive dumplings, with tips on how to perfectly wrap and shape them.

Recipe from Chinese Unchopped by Jeremy Pang

Get the Recipe Shiitake chive dumplings

15 ways to eat the Lunar New Year in Sydney

15 ways to eat the Lunar New Year in Sydney

Adam Liaw is a cook, writer and television presenter based in Sydney, Australia.

This year’s Lunar Eats is all about the incredible Asian food that’s right here on our doorstep.

Sydney brings together vibrant communities from China, Vietnam, Korea and more for one of the biggest, best and most multicultural Lunar New Year celebrations in the world.

Here, Adam Liaw shares 15 ways you can join in the fun.

15 ways to eat the Lunar New Year in Sydney

Enjoy These Recipes

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