Is Used Equipment Right For Your Business?

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Is Used Equipment Right For Your Business?

Is Used Equipment Right For Your Business?Is Used Equipment Right For Your Business?

How good a deal is it?

Often sold as "preloved". Sometimes it can be an incredible bargain, especially when purchased for the right price at auction.

Before you purchase any equipment make sure you have done your homework.

Know exactly what the new price for the equipment is. Understand that the new price is not the retail price, but the discounted rate that an authorised dealer is prepared to sell it for. Use the internet to search for the price that new equipment can be purchased for.

Many people have been caught out buying used catering equipment, only to later realise that theypaid almost new price without any of the benefits, such as the NEW warranty period.

Warning, bad news ahead.

Not all used equipment dealers are equal.

Also stainless steel equipment is timeless. It may look 2 or 3 years old but the reality is it could well be 10 or more.

Over the years I have been able to help our customers who thought they were getting a deal on the used equipment by simply suggesting the following. Find the serial number and model number on the equipment and ring the supplier to ask what the service history of that item is and perhaps how old it is.

One used equipment dealer had a dishwasher listed as less than 5 years old. Fortunately it was a Hobart who maintain excellent service records and they had a history on that item going back 17 years. This particular machine had always been a problem.

I am not implying that this particular used equipment dealer was shonky but it was a fairly simple check to find out the age of the appliance if they wanted to be honest in their product description!

The bottom line

If it is that good why was it sold in the first place? And the answer to that question may save you a fortune!

Now for the Good News

Silver Chef Certified Used Equipment offers professional grade hospitality equipment – often less than 18 months old – at a reduced price compared to new. Each item has undergone a rigorous six stage refurbishment process and comes with warranty.

There is a general perception that used equipment is the way to go when you're looking to save some money, but it's not uncommon for people to think it is better just spending more upfront for new equipment, so I know the equipment will last longer and I'll be better off long-term?

Shona Lockyer, a sales team leader at Silver Chef's Brisbane Used Equipment facility, talks to customers every day who have very similar thoughts.

She explains a few situations where used equipment is beneficial for your business.

1. You're starting off so you need the flexibility and limited upfront cost

Buying equipment is one of the most expensive line items when it comes to opening up your new business. A lot of customers aren't sure and they don't want to spend heaps of money upfront. This is where our used equipment is beneficial, as it allows you to have the flexibility to return the equipment if you no longer need it, upgrade it to something better, or swap it for something entirely different.

"Used was a cheaper way of trying to get the business started and it works the same as something new, so there's really no downside!"

Luciano Loffredo

Porcini Restaurant and Bar in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley

Luciano is a Silver Chef customer who has seen success with Silver Chef's Certified Used equipment. His restaurant is almost entirely comprised of used pieces, from the fryer and grill, to the pizza oven and fridge. He said the used equipment means you get to see what works best for you, offering flexibility and more funds for other things.

2. Your business is growing, you need to expand but you don't have the upfront money

"Used equipment is a great option for businesses that need more equipment to keep up with the demand, but your cash flow is limited. You can save yourself the upfront costs with Silver Chef's Certified Used Equipment,""

3. You want particular brands of equipment without blowing your budget

"It's not uncommon to speak to customers who want the good brands, but not the price tag. Used equipment is beneficial to customers in this position. For example, they can have the brand of coffee machine they want for $8,500 through Silver Chef instead of paying the retail price of $12,000," she said. If you're starting to relate to any of the situations explained, it might help to know more about Silver Chef's Certified Used Equipment.

What is Silver Chef Certified Used Equipment?

At Silver Chef we fund used equipment, but there's something different about it…we have Certified Used Equipment. To get the certified tick of approval, our used equipment goes through a six stage refurbishment process. Shona explains there are times the equipment won't be suitable to go back out to the market. "If the equipment doesn't pass the six stage refurbishment process, we won't fund it," Shona said.

How Equipment becomes Silver Chef Certified Used

Step 1 Used hospitality equipment, often less than 18 months old is returned to the Silver Chef warehouse.

Step 2 This equipment is then professional cleaned and polished by a dedicated team.

Step 3 Each item is run tested, including electrical test and tag to ensure compliance with AS/NZS 3760.

6 Step Certification

6 Step Certification

Step 4 Any damaged or worn parts are replaced with brand new componentry.

Step 5 Final check by a Quality Assurance Officer to ensure compliance with Certified Used Equipment Standards.

Step 6 The Certified Used Equipment is delivered to the customer with a warranty.

No matter what you buy

Remember you are eligible to use simplified depreciation rules and claim the immediate deduction for the business portion of each asset, both new or second hand equipment, costing less than $20,000 if you are a small business. They even changed the definition of what a small business is to allow more businesses access to the scheme. You only need a turnover of less than $10 million, up from the initial $2 million when this scheme started.

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