Instant Cool!

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Instant Cool! Fast-ice: for all enjoyable breaks

Brema Fast Ice

Fast-ice is instant cool. It's small, and its light structure means it's quick to make, and quick-acting too. It's perfect for fizzy drinks – a must for bars and fast-food outlets.

Fast-ice makers are equipped with a vertical evaporator. One by one, the cubes fall off, perfectly separate from each other and of equal size.

Fast-acting, the machine is double-mode ("full" and "economy") for optimal consumption levels and energy saving efficiency.


When demand for ice is high and you need it in a rush, the 7g fast cube is for you. Quick to produce, the 7g cube is suitable for any business with peak ice demands.

Perfect for restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels and fast food outlets.

7 Gram Fast Ice Cubes

Built for Australian Conditions

Brema is rated at 21°C ambient and 15°C water, while competitors rate their production at 10°C ambient and 10°C water. This means Brema's production ratings are realistic for the Australian climate.

The best value icemaker just got even better

All Brema ice machines come with a FREE external water filter and pressure limiting valve, are WaterMark approved and are certified to tropical class (+43°C) and are electromechanical. This means no expensive pc boards to replace for better reliability

All Brema Ice Makers are now backed by a 3 year parts and labour warranty.

Free delivery Australia wide

For a limited time, we are offering free delivery Australia wide on the full range of Brema Ice Makers.

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