The Robot Coupe Blixer is Unique

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Robot Coupe Blixer is Unique Robot Coupe Blixer is Unique

Blixers® are quick, efficient, simple to use and robust. Add to this a guarantee of a perfectly finished end-product that contains all the goodness and flavour of the pre-liquidised food.

What other commercial kitchen food processor could you expect to perfectly purify raw carrots? Yet the Blixer does this with ease and much much more.

So, what are a Blixers® Benefits:

2 functions in 1!

The Blixers® combine the features of two well-known appliances: the cutter and the blender/mixer. Put quite simply, it combines 2 functions in 1!

The Blixers® will easily produce your pureed, raw or cooked, semi-liquid, liquid or pasty meals.


With their large capacity and leak proof lid with built in scraper, these models make it simple to prepare all types of mixed and liquidized food, even for tube feeding.


A safety device fitted to the lid prevents access to moving blades and an integral motor braking device ensures operator safety.

Perfect hygiene

Any parts which come into contact with food can be easily removed and cleaned, in compliance with the strictest hygiene standards (NSF).

Number of covers:

Within the Robot Coupe Blixer range there are 17 different size and capacity models capable of producing food for between 10 and 3000 people. Basically that means there is definitely a Blixer designed for your business size.


The Robot Coupe Blixer is perfect for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Crèches and even Restaurants.

What this means for your food business.

A Robot-Coupe Blixer is a simple, efficient, and durable heavy-duty mixer that is perfect for most busy commercial kitchens. With 17 different models in the range it allows the operator to choose depending on factors such as the load of work and scope of applications. The Blixer series product growth has been consistent and its reliability means that if you are looking for an equipment that is built for now but is also good enough to keep working well into the future.

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