If you can't stand the heat ... get induction!


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If you can't stand the heat ... get induction!

If you can't stand the heat ... get induction! Induction Cooking Reduces Ambient Air Temperatures

If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Since the introduction and with the increasing acceptance of commercial induction cooking hobs it is no longer necessary to work in high temperature environments that are synonymous with commercial kitchens.

When staying in hotels as a traveller you will have become accustomed to seeing induction hobs at the breakfast buffet for keeping the chafing dishes at the appropriate temperature as well as seeing the chef on hand using them to cook your omelette.

Why should you consider Induction?

Induction ranges are very efficient electric heating devices where the cooking vessel itself becomes the heating element. An electric coil underneath the cooking surface generates a magnetic field which instantly heats up the metal pot or pan sitting above, through a process called induction.

The benefits of induction:

  • is highly energy efficient – minimal heat is lost to the environment as the cooking vessel is the only part generating heat
  • saves energy by quickly turning off the magnetic field whenever the pot is removed. It resumes heating upon the pot returning to the cooker
  • it has a very fast cooking time and good temperature control
  • does not consume oxygen from the environment or emit gas into the kitchen, so induction maintains a clean and fresh cooking environment
  • does not present a risk of fire, as there is no naked flame as is the case with gas, also does not heat up the kitchen
  • has a very rapid heat response, better than gas
  • the glass range top remains cooler to the touch than other cooking surfaces as it is only warmed from contact with the hot pan and is not actively heated by the cooker itself

Why should you purchase a Dipo machine?

Dipo Induction ranges are made in Korea where the company focuses on producing high quality machines, designed and manufactured to deliver the highest standards of performance and reliability. They are the market-leader in Korea and many other countries.

Dipo machines excel because they:

  • are able to deal with very high temperatures, such as cooking steaks and stir fries
  • feature a patented highly reliable circuit board that is designed to operate continuously for up to 12 hours
  • use the strongest glass (NEG glass made in Japan) to protect from hard impact from cooking vessels
  • have the ability to control power very accurately even at low settings, such that tempering chocolate, which requires delicate and controlled low heat setting, is easily achievable
  • feature dynamic pan tracing technology with response times that sets the benchmark for induction ranges. This allows users to flip contents in the pan (like for gas) without noticeable heat loss. The Dipo units allow 10 mm of pan separation from the glass surface before the pan exits the magnetic field where power cuts out. It switches on within about 0.5 seconds of re-entering the field.

Roband, the Australian importer of DIPO has 3 models available.

Portable Dipo Induction Cooker - DC23

The Dipo portable cooker is a convenient counter-top induction system providing 7 simmer and 10 cook settings. The machine can handle low temperatures easily for delicate operations like tempering chocolate right through to high temperatures for sautéing.

Power: 2300 Watts
Current: 10 amps
Dimensions: 365 W x 450 D x 115 H (mm)

DIPO DC23 & DCP23 portable induction cookers DIPO DC23 & DCP23 portable induction cookers

Portable Dipo Induction Cooker with Temperature Probe - DCP23

The Dipo induction cooker with temperature probe is a high-quality portable machine, designed to deliver precise time and temperature control. From tempering chocolate to sautéing, this Dipo cooker provides versatility and true energy efficiency.

The DCP23 also features patented Aerogel insulation to protect the internal components of the machine from heat penetration of extremely hot cooking vessels. This machine is a must have where precise temperature control in the cooking process is required.

Temperature probe mode where user sets the desired temperature and the probe inserted into the pan regulates power to the machine to keep contents at specified temperature. The temperature control range is between 50° to 200°C.

Power: 2300 Watts
Current: 10 amps
Dimensions: 365 W x 455 D x 115 H (mm)

Drop-in Dipo Induction Warmer - DWR04

Drop-in Dipo Induction Warmer - DWR04 Multiple DWR04’s in buffet counter

Designed to be dropped into a buffet set-up, the Dipo induction warmer is a simple and stylish unit designed to keep food at the correct serving temperature in an energy efficient manner. Given the long usage duration expected during buffet service, the energy efficiency of the Dipo machines provides strong justification for their use.

Power: 1800 Watts
Current: 10 amps
Dimensions: 297 W x 370 D x 80 H (mm)

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