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The revolutionary new range of Blue Seal S Line compact combi ovens

Moffat welcomes you to their new range of Blue Seal S Line compact combi ovens, designed to cater for common foods in your restaurant, café and almost any application!

It’s no secret that more compact designs are becoming increasingly more relevant for any commercial kitchen so over the past few years we have been progressively designing a new range of compact combi ovens that fit the turnkey for restaurants and cafes. The new Blue Seal S Line range of compact combi ovens offers:

Performance – Shorter cooking times and perfect uniformity are obtained thanks to the exclusive air conveyors in the cooking compartment and high pressure bi-directional fan
Efficiency – Double glass oven for better heat retention and Ecospeed functionality optimizes and controls the energy use to maintain proper cooking temperature, preventing fluctuations
Reliability – Slam shut handle and the outer shell is constructed with 304 grade stainless steel designed to cope with the harsh working conditions of any busy kitchen
Ease of use – Automatic washing system and ergonomic design for easy cleaning and maintenance
Control – Control the quality of your results with the multi-point probe, multi-level cooking settings to accommodate for different cooking times on different trays and assisted cooking manual electronic controls
Innovation – The Auto Clima functionality takes moisture away in the event that you need to change the settings from combi / moisture cooking to dry convection mode
Access – Extract, upload and share data via HACCP via USB
Application – 60mm shelf distance provides enough room to fit two pot roasts per tray – that’s 12 pot roasts for just the smaller 6 tray model
Flexibility – Option of left or right hand side hinges and a compact 51 cm footprint to cater for diverse kitchen layouts
Service – Naturally, our equipment is backed with full service and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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