Ice Cool Runnings this Summer with Brema!

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Attract Cool Profits With The Right Ice

Discover How To Attract Cool Profits With The Right Ice

With summer fast approaching, foodservice operators are looking to commercial equipment that will help them maximise sales during their peak months of trade.

This year, ice machines are again one of the most popular items for summer, helping beverage and foodservice operators save time, money and to avoid running out of ice mid service.

There is much more than making an eye-catching cocktail or tasty martini to make a drink truly memorable. For many hospitality professionals, the type of ice used is the most important aspect of serving up their best drink on the rocks.

Brema Ice Machines

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Better, Best, Brema.

Shane, Comcater's National Product Manager for Brema Ice Machines shares his golden rules of ice machines and dispels some common myths to help you to make an informed decision on the correct ice machine for your business.

So what are the golden rules of ice machines?

Storage is as important as production

It is a myth that production is everything, storage is just as important!

If your business uses 60kg during its peak period from 6pm to 11pm, purchase an ice machine with at least 60kg storage capacity. Otherwise you will finish up spending hours bagging ice during quieter times and you still finish up having to store it somewhere. Typically the ice machine is the best place to store ice!

Brema Ice Machines will produce ice to replenish its storage capacity during both peak and off-peak times, ensuring you’ve always got enough ice to cope with demand.

Recovery Times

Once you have used the ice from your machine, how quickly will your ice machine produce enough ice to replenish its storage capacity? You need to ensure you always have enough ice to cope with demand.

Did you know that Brema Ice Machines automatically go into standby when the storage compartment is full, helping you save on water and electricity?

Consider your climate

Australia is hot. Bloody hot! Most ice machine manufacturers tend to advertise their products production capacity at 10°C water temp and either 15-21°C for ambient air temperature. This leads to inflated expectations of what your ice machine can produce. During peak demand periods of summer these unrealistic temperatures might work for a couple of days in the south of Tasmania but as for the rest of Australia, well forget it.

Air and water temperatures affect an ice machine’s ability to produce ice.

The rule of thumb here is "As air and water temperatures increase, production of ice decreases". To ensure you’re getting maximum output, purchase an ice machine that is right for your climate. Consider your climate during those peak summer months when demand for ice is greater and conditions are harsher.

Consider the positioning of the ice machine in your establishment

Often ice machines are located under the bench in the bar area, which is perfect as this is where the ice is mostly needed. However as they typically require both a water feed and drainage it is not uncommon to see them positioned near the glass washer. The problem here is that one machine [the ice machine] requires cool ambient air to maximise production capacity and the other machine [the glass washer] is pumping hot air and steam into that same environment.

Talk about making it difficult.

I once lost a really good client because the ice machine we sold them wouldn't produce the ice capacity it stated in the brochure. They were a really busy cafe and the undercounter dishwasher was being used constantly to wash both glassware and coffee cups. Unfortunately they located the ice machine next to the dishwasher and the end result was an ice machine that couldn't possibly cope. I did offer a solution but they were hesitant to spend the extra money on redesigning that area to remove the issue.

Look for real value for money

While buying the next size up may cost you extra in the short-term, you will save much more in the long run. You'll be safe in the knowledge that you won't run out of ice in peak periods or hot weather, and you won't need to purchase a second machine down the track!

Brema supplies the water filter included in their price, where with most other brands the water filter is an optional extra, costing up to $250.

Tried and Tested

Brema tests every one of its machines in its factory before exporting which gives customers confidence in the performance of the unit.

Easy Peasy Cleaning

Unlike its competitors, Brema units have removable spray arms and filters for easy cleaning: no tools are required and no panels need to be removed to access the mesh filter.


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