I have yet to polish a single glass!


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Anyone who has ever polished a wine glass after dishwashing at the end of a busy shift dreams about something like this.

No, this is not a work of fiction but rather a comment from RACV Noosa Resort Food and Beverage Manager, Danny Cannon following the installation of a Meiko M-iQ Rack Conveyor dishwasher fitted with GiO reverse osmosis in their warewashing area.

“True to your word, I have yet to polish a single glass that has gone through the machine since December!”

The Meiko GiO reverse osmosis is a the water treatment system invented by and unique to Meiko, which effectively gives a ‘hand polished’ finish to glassware and cutlery as it leaves the final rinse.

Danny Cannon went on to explain “After researching a range of brands, along with site visits to Melbourne to see these machines in operation, it was clear that Meiko was a superior and well regarded product. We are a regional property, operating 365 days a year and need a reliable product when selecting any equipment in operational outlets.”

Improvements in ventilation and handling meant the M-iQ was “…much cooler to work alongside, less noisy, with easy daily set up.”

There are also, “Additional savings by not having to polish glassware anymore and an occupational health and safety benefit is seeing less cuts from staff polishing glassware.”

Why Meiko?

When it comes to getting dirty dishware perfectly clean, experts recommend MEIKO warewashing technology.

Commercial dishwashing technology involves a whole lot more than just washing dirty dishes. Every client has their own specific requirements when it comes to commercial dishwashers, and what makes MEIKO so special is its ability to come up with the right technological solutions to meet all those different needs.

From undercounter dishwashers, pass through commercial dishwashers, and universal warewashers to flight and rack type dishwashing machines and trolley washers, MEIKO specialises in each and every aspect of creating clean solutions. Sparkling clean plates, beautifully clean cutlery, and crystal clear, perfectly dry glasses that don't need to be polished by hand – those are the real tests of outstanding commercial dishwashing technology!

Undercounter dishwashers tailored to your needs

Economical, durable and easy to use!

A MEIKO undercounter dishwasher offers powerful performance in a compact package – so you have more space for your customers plus the reassurance of knowing that your plates and glasses will be hygienically clean and ready for use. Whether you choose to install your undercounter dishwasher under the bar, in the serving area or in its traditional place in the wash-up room, you'll be delighted with how quickly it washes your plates, cups, glasses, bowls and cutlery.

MEIKO is renowned for its cutting-edge technology. The company has been setting international standards in the industry for decades, striving to make the most efficient use of resources while producing outstanding results.

There are 2 different models in the Meiko undercounter dishwashers:


These premium-class undercounter dishwashers offer cutting-edge technology, economical performance, easy operation, and eco-friendly credentials – all in a beautifully designed package.


The UPster range of undercounter dishwashers is a miracle of clean and economical dishwashing – simply pop the machine in place under the counter, hook it up, and you're ready to enjoy sparkling results!

Pass Through Dishwashers – always the best choice

MEIKO premium class and UPster series: pass through dishwashing machines for commercial use.


A commercial kitchen dishwasher from MEIKO gets the job done even when time is tight. They make life easier in your wash-up area – dealing with large quantities of washware just got a whole lot simpler! This range of machines comes in various models that can be tailored to your needs.

Premium Class

Whatever your needs, MEIKO can offer you the right solution from its tried-and-tested range of pass through and hood type dishwashing machines. Different models are available to tackle dishware, kitchen utensils, and any other type of washware.

New to the Hood

Engineering and design merge seemlessly in their latest release, introducing the M-iClean Hood Type Dishwasher. See image above.

Meiko has earned itself a reputation for effortless premium quality warewashing equipment and our latest automatic hood type dishwasher launches new features that both owner and operator weren't even aware of wanting, let alone needing.

Turning heads for the right reasons

  • Automatic Hood
  • Ergonomic Breakthroughs
  • Adjustable Touch Display Panel
  • Automatic Basket Detection
  • Intuitive Blue Operator Handles

UPster H 500

The new generation of commercial dishwashing machines for anyone who needs things done in a hurry – a great way to incorporate premium products on today's tight budget.

Whatever your requirements in the field of commercial kitchen dishwashers, MEIKO can offer a pass through commercial kitchen dishwasher that provides the perfect solution. The intelligent design of MEIKO’s pass through dishwashers opens up an almost unlimited range of possible configurations, from linear pass through systems to space-saving corner models.

Suitable for many different environments including:

  • bars and restaurants
  • hotels
  • catering companies and cafeterias
  • residential care homes

Whatever your needs, we can help you find the most effective layout for your wash-up area based on Meiko’s extensive range of options.

Go Green Go Clean

Whatever MEIKO restaurant dishwasher you choose for your bar or restaurant, you can be confident that it will be economical to run – and now the M-iClean has raised the bar even higher by using even less water, energy and detergent.

M-iClean restaurant dishwashers offer a full range of innovative warewashing technology, including intuitive operation with a one-touch display, efficient eco-friendly washing with minimal use of resources, and reliable status checks including smart monitoring technology.

The M-iClean restaurant dishwasher is a great choice in just about any setting, and it offers sparkling results without having to polish washware by hand!


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