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Say farewell to hand polishing Say farewell to hand polishing

Why your restaurant needs to go polish free

Polishing glassware in a restaurant must be one of the most tedious tasks around. I don't really know how many glasses I polished during my hospitality career but it would be safe to say in the thousands, given that I spend almost 20 years on that side of the industry.

The cost of this to my various employers during this time must have been enormous!

How to go polish-free?

Technology today has taken the hassle out of polishing. With Washtech polish free glasswashers you can say farewell to paying your staff for hand polishing of glasses and stemware.

To bring a polish-free glasswashing system into your hospitality business is simple and there are only a few things you need, including:

A Premium Undercounter Glasswasher

With Washtech you have a choice of either a GL or UL Premium Undercounter Glasswasher.

The Washtech range of Premium Undercounter Glasswashers are built to deliver the best wash results. They are manufactured locally in New Zealand for the Australian conditions, including being compact and economical to run with a low hot water consumption.

Washtech UL Premium Undercounter Glasswasher Washtech UL Premium Undercounter Glasswasher

BA12-RO compact reverse osmosis unit BA12-RO compact reverse osmosis unit

Reverse Osmosis System

A Moffat Wexiodisk BA12-RO compact reverse osmosis unit.

So that your glassware doesn't get scratched or smeared, a compact reverse osmosis unit pushes the water through a membrane before it goes into the glasswasher. This membrane then catches and removes all particles from the water, leaving it clear and clean for your glasses.

And a regular supply of RO balanced chemicals such as the WCRA10 Wash Care Rinse Aid – 10L (2 x 5L cartons) & WPCD10L Wash Pro Clean Detergent – 10L (2 x 5L cartons), which are available through SCK.

For added security, the team at Moffat are more than happy to walk you through the installation process to ensure your polish-free system is ready and operational.

What are the benefits of a polish-free system?

A polish-free cleaning system greatly improves the hygiene of your polishing routine as you're no longer relying on polishing clothes which gather grime and bacteria. The reverse osmosis unit further ensures the water used is high quality, resulting in an unrivalled shine. Furthermore, a polish-free system saves both time and labour as the process is automated. Incorporating an automated polishing process into your kitchen operation means not only that staff are free to tackle other tasks, but you'll have shiny, crystal-clear glassware at the ready.

Can my business afford this?

You bet! Here are the numbers. As you already need a glasswasher I am doing the ROI on the reverse osmosis system only. The specialised detergents are an ongoing expense but I have factored 2 x 5L containers of each into this pricing.

Assuming that you business is probably spending at least an hour a day and 2 hours per day on Friday, Saturday & Sundays and calculated at $20 casual wages per hour [normal rate] then you would be paying staff for 10 hours per week. With Saturdays at time and a half and Sundays at double time this equates to $260.00 per week.

To keep this real, and based on full retail price your ROI on going polish free is less than 20 Weeks.

If you purchased the Reverse Osmosis system using a recognised funding supplier like Silverchef, your payments would be approx $65.00 per week.

Clearly it is not only affordable, you would be almost $200 per week better off from the day you start doing this? Wow!

Now is the time

Now is the time to reduce your wages bill, go polish free and perhaps even give yourself a payrise. After all don't you deserve that!

Silverchef, don't dream, do!

Don't dream, do...

SilverChef understand that every hospitality business journey is unique.

Rent-Try-Buy® is a solution designed by hospitality people, for hospitality people.

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