Hygiene at the touch of a button


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Hygiene at the touch of a button

Every time a guest raises a glass to take a drink, every time the nursing staff use care utensils, one thing has to be certain: as well as being clean, these objects have to be totally hygienic so that they can be used without hesitation. Hygiene is safety and security. Meiko Warewashing provides that security.

Meiko Commercial Dishwashers

Every cleaning process and the resulting cleanliness and hygiene is influenced by the interaction of the following 4 factors:

Mechanical action
Chemicals (i.e. detergent and rinse aid)
The mechanism of action underlying this and taking effect in every aspect of our technology is called the Sinner’s circle.

Although the intensity of the individual parameters can be varied, collectively they are interdependent. They must always add up to the same total and they must be precisely balanced in order to deliver the perfect cleaning result.

All of Meiko Commercial Dish and Glass Washers machines achieve the perfect interplay between these four factors. Because of this, a machine boasts many advantages over manual reprocessing: cleaning processes run automatically at the touch of a button, in a closed system, without releasing aerosols and vapours, without employees having to intervene.


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