How to use a Friginox Blast Chiller

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Introducing a new era of blast chilling from Friginox Introducing a new era of blast chilling from Friginox

Nothing could be simpler than pressing a button and a complex task in your kitchen is completed.

But that is exactly what you can achieve when using a Friginox Blast Chiller or Blast Freezer.

With 99 user programs at your disposal you can easily replicate a blast chilling program. For those popular programs that are used on a regular basis, you can save these utilising the favourites key, thus ensuring speed and efficiency in use.

As a bonus, these programs give identical results, no matter who is executing the task.


Before we get too far ahead it is time to familiarise yourself with the button bar.



Start-up the equipment

The equipment is on stand-by status.

Press two times rapidly the ON/OFF key on the screen to unlock.

Within 1 minute, press the ON/OFF key on the screen to start-up the equipment.

Image shows FRIGINOX in Standby mode

FRIGINOX in Standby mode

Friginox Locked Screen

Locked Screen

At any time, on any screen, the screen is automatically locked if not used during 1 minute.

Press two times rapidly the ON/OFF (STAND BY) key on the button bar to unlock.

Press the ON/OFF key on the button bar to switch the equipment to stand-by status.

Friginox Home Screen

Friginox Home Screen

Main Programs

Friginox Main Program

Auxiliary cycles

Auxiliary cycles

Favourite programs

Favourite programs

Programs cycles

Programs cycles

Pre-cooling cycle

Pre-cooling cycle

Defrost Cycle

Defrost Cycle

Defrost Cycle

A defrosting cycle is advised. Refer to the "Auxiliary cycles screen" chapter.

Main Cycles Screen

Main Cycles Screen

Press keys to select cycle type. Press keys to change setting.


1. Chilling
2. Freezing (only on combined equipment)
Cooling intensity hard:
3. Default: Soft (air temperature limited at 0 °C)
Hard (low air temperature limitation)
4. Fan speed (option). Reduce air speed.
5. Cycle mode:
Continuous (infinite) operating
6. Save. Memorize a program with current settings. Refer to the "Programs cycles screen" chapter.

Setting Information

Centre Screen Data

7. Fan Speed Option
8. Chilling/Freezing

9. Soft/Hard
10. Set point information area:
Set point information area
11. Air temperature Air temperature of the last step of the cycle.

Main Cycles Available

SOFT Cycles For delicate or thin-cut products Easy to cool down products.

HARD Cycles For all kind of products, big size, packaged, thick and difficult to cool down products.

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