How to Succeed in Restaurants and Cafe's

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Owning your own Restaurant or Cafe should be a rewarding experience


You are about to discover the secrets to running a successful restaurant and cafe whether you already own one whether you are planning to open one whether you are new to the hospitality industry or an old hand this information applies to YOU.


The food industry is a challenging combination of manufacturing and retail. It requires careful management, control of food and perishables, production, people, hygiene and customers.


Very few businesses include all of these variables as significant elements of success or failure.


You must understand that your restaurant or cafe is also a business. The skills needed to run a successful business are very different from those required to manage a successful restaurant.


Your restaurant or cafe cannot hope to succeed without your developing business skills in these three key areas: operational; financial and marketing.


Developing and improving your people skills will also impact dramatically on the success of your restaurant or cafe.


The ability to employ good staff is not as important as the ability to keep them. When staff feel good about working for you, that will greatly improve their attitude and the way they approach your customers.


From the very beginning it is important to remember that in business you always have two sets of customers. The first set is the customer that buys your products on a daily basis, and the second set is the customer who will eventually buy your business. Everything you do in your business should ultimately be geared to both sets of customers.


Why then do so many go out of business?


Research shows that while 90% of independent restaurants and cafes fail, over 90% of franchised restaurants are successful.


Given those percentages, doesn't it make sense that you would want to operate your business more like a franchise than an independent restaurant or cafee.


So, why are the failure rates for independent restaurants dramatically higher than those of franchise operations?


And the answer is really quite simple....


Neil Willis, in a professional career spanning more than 25 years has owned or managed restaurants, cafes and catering businesses. His experience covers all areas of the hospitality industry. From: working as a chef to working as a maitre' d and head waiter in one of Australia's best known restaurants, owning his own restaurant and cafe, owning three catering businesses including one which has now operated continuously for more than 16 years. He has also managed one of Australia's most popular resort hotels, managed a multiple restaurant/ boutique hotel complex and he has now put together a complex guide 'How to $ucceed in Restaurants and cafes' for both the professional and new entrants into this exciting field.


This electronic business aid covers business essentials on how to:

  • design and structure a business plan for your restaurant
  • choose the best location for your business
  • use common sense ideas for giving better customer service
  • improve the efficiency of your new or existing restaurant or cafe by increasing your ability to serve more patrons, using simple methods
  • plan and price your menu
  • know the difference between mark up and gross profit and how to calculate it using a excel program calculator that is included
  • understand the latest on food preparation, HACCP and hygiene requirements
  • generate extra cash flow
  • protect your profit
  • keep accurate records including a weekly profit spreadsheet that gives you wage percentages to gross sales, food costs percentage to gross sales and profit percentage to gross sales.
  • use a monthly expense spreadsheet which itemises your expenses and splits the GST component for your monthly or quarterly statements.
  • get the most out of cash registers
  • develop marketing strategies
  • increase your skills for attracting and keeping better staff
  • compile your own staff manual
  • learn coaching skills for managing your business
  • build the basics for an operating system
  • make your business attractive to other potential restaurateurs
  • prevent the usual business pitfalls
  • Included are excel spreadsheets that you can use to help calculate your weekly profit, expenses and mark up and also improve your efficiency. It is recommended that you store these on your computer where you can find them easily.
  • plus some useful links to other websites
Your "Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain" Guarantee


Here is the best bit. NO RISK 100% money back guarantee. Your satisfaction is important to us. If for any reason you are not convinced the 'How to Succeed in Restaurants and cafes' electronic book will help you with running your business, return it within 14 days for a full refund.


And don't forget the 'How to $ucceed in Restaurants and cafes' comes with 12 months free email support - for advice on the best way to use the contents for your particular business.


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