How many Chicken Schnitzels can you cook in 8.5 minutes?

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Cooking Chicken Schnitzels In The Cheftop Mindmap Combi Oven

Chef Sean Cunnington from UNOX Australia gave a 100-minute Cooking Demonstration with the UNOX Cheftop Mindmap Combi Oven at SCK’s commercial kitchen space.

In this cooking demo, Sean showed us how to use the UNOX Combi Oven.

The purpose of the demo was to show ho we can save time cooking with the UNOX Combi Oven.

In 100 a minutes, he Roasted Pork
  • Baked Pastizzi...
  • Steamed vegetables...
  • Grilled Vegetables...
  • Cooked the perfect Steak...
  • Cooked a Pizza while cooking Crispy Skinned Salmon & Roasting the Pork Crackling, without any transfer of flavour...

How would you usually cook Chicken Schnitzels?

Traditionally you would cook these in Deep Fryer. But Sean used UNOX - Black Tray - Non-Stick Stainless Steel Pan to cook Chicken Schnitzels in the UNOX Combi Ovens.

So how many Chicken Schnitzels can you cook in 8.5 minutes?

It depends on what you cook them with.

You can get 6 Schnitzels on each Black Tray & Our ChefTop Mind Maps PLUS Combi Oven takes 7 Trays.

So if you have a 7 Tray UNOX Combi Oven you could cook 42 Chicken Schnitzels in 8.5 minutes.

So if you have a 7 Tray UNOX Combi Oven you could cook 42 Chicken Schnitzels in 8.5 minutes

Now if you're going to do this in a double deep fryer, it going to take you over 40 minutes to cook your Chicken Schnitzels.

Here's the kicker when Sean hit the Start, he did not have to stand over the Schnitzels, so they didn't burn. So while the Chicken Schnitzels were cooking in the Combi Oven, he was prepping his next meal.

Try doing that with a Deep Fryer. You have to watch them like a hawk, to make sure they don’t burn.

So if you're still stuck using a Deep Fryer to cook Chicken Schnitzels, you not only just spent an extra half an hour, but now you need to man the deep fryer. So you just lost another 40 minutes because instead of doing your prep work while the Schnitzels cook you left to cook them.

Using a UNOX Combi Oven gives a good yield when cooking Chicken Schnitzels. 42 Chicken Schnitzels in 8 minutes.

So it just makes economic sense to get a Combi Oven

If you'd to see the Combi Ovens in action, gives a call, we have 2 Combi Ovens downstairs in our Commercial Kitchen space.

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